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Murdoch & Ailes Have spent the better part of 7 years trying to convince us that oBama was the 1st Black pResident, NOW they say that Carson would be the 1st??? Does this mean it was a lie or that oBama was an embarrassing failure??? oBama was certainly One Big Ass Mistake America!

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Does that idiot not understand that that image is fake!

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I am a supporter of Donald Trump because he is a Birther like me and we know oBama is not American and is a Muslim! http://obamafakeandfraudulent.blogspot.com/

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Grahmnesty is addicted to Obama ASS-CRACK!

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The Birthers have put together winning cases many times, but in order to win you must be heard by a judge in a court.

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The Birthers have put together winning cases many times, but in order to win you must be heard by a judge in a court. http://obamafakeandfraudulent.blogspot.com/

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The Birthers have put together winning cases many times, but in order to win you must be heard by a judge in a court.
We can't make the judges hear cases containing evidence that they do not want to hear, for whatever reason they don't want to hear them.

There is much more evidence that Obama was born in Kenya than there is to support the LIE that he was born in Hawaii.
All we can do is bring the case and that we have done.
The evidence that is known to exist should at the least be a clarion call for a Government investigation, but that isn't happening either, because somebody must take the blame for the failure of our system, and nobody wants to take that blame.
But that blame will eventually be placed on somebody.

This issue will not go away until that blame for the usurpation that we know has happened is placed on somebody, and the problem is fixed so that it never occurs again.

So far, every lawsuit challenging Obama's presidential eligibility has been either denied without comment or dismissed on a technicality -- lack of standing, lack of jurisdiction, mootness, etc. So far, neither the Supreme Court nor any other court has considered, in an open hearing, the actual substance or merit of any of these cases. Although some judges have expressed personal opinions, or dicta, regarding Obama's eligibility, no court -- as of the time of this writing -- has ruled on whether or not Barack Obama is a Constitutional natural born citizen.
It appears that a deal may have been struck before the 2008 election to keep eligibility issues out of the Mainstream Media spotlight between the Republicans and the Democrats.
For the first time in U.S. History, the American people had the choice of choosing between 2 INELIGIBLE candidates.

McCain had the required U.S. citizen parentage, but technically was not born in U.S. controlled territory, as he was born in Panamanian territory instead, and therefore was not a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

Obama has not definitively proven his alleged FANTASY Hawaiian birth beyond a reasonable doubt, or to the exclusion of all other locations such as Kenya, and cannot be a Constitutionally eligible candidate, as his father was never a U.S. citizen.

Congress, with the help of future usurper Obama's input, passed Senate Resolution 511 declaring McCain to be a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

That same Congress refused to deal with Obama's eligibility issue, and subsequently the Media and the courts have refused to report on or investigate the issue as well.

All court cases filed have been refused to be heard by the courts on procedural grounds such as lack of standing and political question.
All cases have been ended, denied, or dismissed, without any case ever being heard on the merits.

It would be easy to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, because Panama never claimed to have any citizenship rights on McCain.

Obama on the other hand volunteered the information to Congress, the Media, the courts, and the American people, that he was a dual citizen at birth due to his Father being a British/Kenyan citizen, and that by virtue of that fact that he himself was born a dual British/Kenyan citizen as well.

Obama is a Constitutional lawyer who worked on legislation concerning Electoral fraud as a Senator before running for the Presidency, and knew that he did not meet the eligibility criterion as a Natural born citizen, but also knew that the term had never been defined by the Constitution, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

He fooled the SHEEPLE by calling himself a Native born citizen, despite his refusal to even prove that as a fact and that alone placated the SHEEPLE.

Obama is a usurper and he knows it, even if you SHEEPLE do not.

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I predict Trump will be forced to go BIRTHER!

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Hoping GOD has heard my prayers!
The LIAR-N-THIEF, Read & Listen TO IT ALL!
Obama Is The Cancer On The pResidency!
Grand Birther KNOWS the usurper cannot produce what does NOT EXIST! http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/07/video-obama-...

Hawaii Dormitory Kenya IS NOT located in Hawaii, U.S.A.!
Trump MUST restart the Conservative Party anew! The old Conservative party is effectively folded into the Democratic Party creating a one party system! This is the reason the corruption never ends! This is where the NWO begins! The time for a REVOLUTION IS NOW! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wheresobamasbirthcer... http://obamafakeandfraudulent.blogspot.com/ http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/07/report-obama... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wheresobamasbirthcer...

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Hoping GOD has heard my prayers!
If he tries it, I predict HE WILL BE ASSASSINATED!