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Pls ignore people who look down on you for is only because they have not had the pleasure of the experience before and they just don't understand. The world today is so fast and everyone is on a merry-go-round...they work to earn money to buy things that they 'think' they need to make them happy and when they get them they realise they didn't make them happy so they immediately earn more money to be able to spend it on things to 'make them happy', but again the things they buy don't so they work to earn more money....etc etc. If only people realised that simple pleasures of making your own things give so much satisfaction and actually last longer because they are well made....and 9 times out of 10 they are better for the environment too.

Good on you, that's what I say

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"I quit coloring my hair several year ago because I actually like the natural graying color" lol I thought I was the only one who thought this...I was once told by someone that ladies that let their grey shpow through are lazy!...........I challenge anyone who thinks this to swap places with me or you for a day and then they will see we certainly aren't lazy! lol

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What a fab way to plan your garden! I must look in googleearth to find my allotment...I wonder when it was last updated

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I like the idea of a meal planning tool...i'll give it a try. Thanks

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I did this with my daughters and their friends when they were younger and it went down a storm!

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I love milk jelly, but my lot just won't eat it!

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Just found your blog and I have really been enjoying reading it. I have two daughters and I love doing things like that with them. It's a cheap evening that means so much and creates lovely memories for you all....much better than kids spending evenings in their bedrooms alone with their TV's/Laptops/D.S's etc...well done you