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Yeah. I think the furiten rule is the reason we have the unpure nine gates to begin with. Unless you are exceptionally lucky (always an important point when going for the three rarest yakuman) you would end up in furiten when going for the pure nine gates and have to self draw in order to win. Having nine possible waits sound amazing but kinda terrible in practice when you take account the sacred discard rule.

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Thank you. My incoming New Year Resolution is to write more articles. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it. ^^

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Sorry for the late reply. Regarding the pictures, unless Amazon storage is banned in France I don't have any idea what would be causing it? ^^

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To be honest, I'd rather call it "zone", but yeah it appears the official name of laser vision is "limitless heaven". Thanks for the heads-up.

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Heh. We're really collecting a lot of powers that has cooldown effect. Huh. ^^

That said, I think Yuuki's curve is determined by "the number of games" instead of time. Hisa did say that she will control the number of games that Yuuki play or something to that effect.

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I agree with you. Hisa is certainly not underestimating Teru - one whit!

1} In many ways, I think despite how scary Yuuki is at E1, Hisa doesn't expect it to last considering if she did she would not have prepared the calling strategy for the semifinals. Which is kinda good? I don't think making a strategy that assumes you can take down the opponent at E1 is a good idea. You should always get a backup plan. I also agree that Teru hitting Yuuki with a yakuman is more than likely coming. We already have a preview of it after all. It might even be related to the whoo-whoo-whee thing that Awai said.

2) This match would be a perfect litmus test for me if planned "game style" changes affect Teru. Most of the things that stopped Teru time is something that her opponents really couldn't conceive of at the beginning of the game. Toki doesn't know she can see three times ahead and Kuro isn't planning on letting go of a dora.

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Yeah. I just decided to glance through the prefecture tournament and Yuuki's judgment ability then and now has certainly improved.

I also think this wave statistic was noticed between the two tournaments or else Hisa would have arranged Yuuki's games so that she has the same boost in the prefecture.

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Now that you mention it, Kiyosumi does have that sort of pattern? I wonder if it means anything?
Regarding whatever it is that Nodoka's left hand would do, even if it won't come into play in the finals, I think it will come into play in the individual rounds.

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Oh definitely, in the future, Yuuki would be a terror of a vanguard. If her opponents aren't Satoha and freaking Teru, there is more than an even chance that Yuuki will be able to end the match in E1. Yuuki has 88k point lead at this point. So yeah.... ^^

Come to think of it Kiyosumi is pretty much future proof considering that they would only be losing Hisa in the future. And as long as Hisa is still retained as a coach, she'll still be able to benefit Kiyosumi a lot.

Regarding yakuman...As you've said, Teru has that nine lantern foreshadowing. Mako might have one. Takami due to her ability may have one. .... The Vice-Captain and the Captain is hard to guess though. If Nelly combines all of her boost in a single hand, she might have one. But, she already gave an indication that she'll be spacing them instead of crowding them at the end.

Kinda dificult. But, it wouldn't surprise me if there is also one or two yakuman in the captain match. I also want to know what is the left hand thing about Nodoka or it might play into the individuals? Who knows?

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So you think that the natural peak of the curve was supposed to be the semifinals but Hisa making Yuuki change tactics delayed it to the finals at the cost of possibly screwing both Yuuki's semifinal and maybe even the final match (if said strategy didn't work).

Well, it is certainly possible. As you've said, this type of decision is pretty much in-line with Hisa's life philosophy.
I myself thought that the peak is actually scheduled at the finals. And Yuuki's boost at East 1 looks something like this:

Quarterfinals tenpai at 3 turns or less
Semifinals: tenpai at 2 turns or less
Finals: tenpai at 1 turn or less

Hisa's gambit in the semifinals is to obscure this ability and to prepare another weapon for Yuuki to use after the East Wind boost is over.

That said, it could possibly be both.... It wouldn't surprise me that not taking/delaying the full boost in the semifinals somehow makes the next boost stronger or something. Kinda like what you've said.

Also, I kinda noticed the stealth hearthwarming at the end of the Vanguard match now.

Hisa: Thanks for trusting me. You did well in the south second round.
Yuuki: Prez words is final. I will always do as you say. djey

And then remember, Yuuki took -17,800 points for this change of tactics. ^^