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I have done all four of these options (including flying my MIL out to San Diego!). They've all worked!

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If you're interested in trying a different prenatal, the only one I could keep down that was actually a prenatal (some of the gummies have less vitamin than a children's chewable) was rainbow light prenatal one. WF and our local grocery store both carry it.

My OBs always said children's chewables were also fine.

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It seems like practices used to have an NP basically as a floater, but they don't anymore. Maybe it varies geographically or by practice, but I've lived a lot of places and it seems like in the past we'd see the practice's NP if something happened to the doctor's schedule (like they were sick or delivering a baby etc.) and now there's rescheduling or really long waits.

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This is one of those things where usually I'm happy to be seen by a NP or someone else in the practice if our usual practitioner is sick.

I do go into work sick as an academic when I'm teaching because the hassle of rescheduling a class is just too much. Not for any one-up-manship reason though.

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I'm ignoring the news, but am able to be active from reading wandsci's twitter feed and doing the todos every week from Actions for Americans. It maximizes what I can do while minimizing my exposure.

If you can do one thing this coming week, a good choice is to call your senators about Jeff Sessions because we cannot have a bigot as attorney general. His vote is Tuesday.

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I've never been on fb at all, but the one downside is the big "sign into Facebook " box when I'm trying to see the website of a restaurant or other activity that only has a Facebook site.

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Our daughter was in underwear at 15 months (and earlier) except at daycare. Early potty learning is kind of fun. Definitely worth reading the research. It is fascinating.

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There is actually science on potty training.

There are many windows for potty training and the average age for boys before disposable diapers was 18 mo. (Now it is over 3.). There's nothing wrong with waiting and it does take less time for older kids usually but circumstances do have an effect on age of training and earlier starting ends earlier even if it takes longer. Brazeltons signs of readiness come at exactly the wrong time leading to defiance and prolonged diapers. He was also working for pampers.

Diaper Free Before 3 was written by a doctor who summarizes surprisingly extensive research on potty training.

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Here's our post on night training, btw. Boys really are something else in this area.