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Blue and Yellow Diamond fighting each other AND White Diamond piloting 2/4 of the Diamond mech!?

Now I KNOW the 2 week wait after Escapism is going to kill me!

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Aren't there any better streaming sites?
The one I found is awfully laggy.

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Peridot looks SO CUTE in this! X3

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I friggin' LOVED this episode.

Bismuth knew she messed up, and she felt terrible about it.
They way they drew and animated her was so good that you would feel for her.

That's a sign of a great character.

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...Can't it be both?

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I hate to admit it, but you are right.

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Aren't you going to give us links to the new episode?

It's on the CN App right now and I think some of us want to see direct links to it.

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These are WAY too cute to pass up!

I might have to start collecting them.

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That... was... AMAZING!!!

Bismuth is back and JUST LIKE THAT she grew as a person/character!
I was expecting Steven to let Bismuth out and she tries to say hi to everyone but they either ignore her or give her a hard time BUT NO!!! She already came to the conclusion that what she did was wrong to the point where she was afraid to face everyone.

Also I think my favorite line from her has to be "If they wanted to see me so much they could've let me out themselves, but they didn't. Of course they didn't, I attacked their leader." and Steven said "They're not gonna side with Rose anymore, not after-" but Bismuth responded with "I'm not talking about ROSE, I'm talking about YOU."
Them f***ing feels man!

Also her screaming into the lava pool was hilarious!

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I'm... certain they're going to cosplay in the comics.