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how to skip stones across a body of water!

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Agreed that Groupon crossed a major line with their ad. Not sure why they went that route. Loved the Volkswagen "Force" ad. Was my #1.

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Can't we interpret this to mean that even the highest mountains (read part 2 of the verse) were covered by 15-cubits of water and that the first part of the verse refers to where the water came up to on the side of the ark (about halfway)...

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I don't understand your logic, Shaun, of simply discounting the truth of Scripture because it doesn't line-up with what you can wrap your mind around.

You say above, "This is a much truer interpretation of scripture than thinking, on Day 4 God created animals in all of the world, Day 5 he created more animals in all of the world, but on Day 6 God created 2 humans in one small place."

Saying "truer interpretation" is merging what the Bible says with the only way you can figure out in your head it must've happened is a dangerous thing, I believe.

As far as the Noah-account. I've been fascinated with the story since childhood.. I still don't understand how it all happened, but I believe what the Scripture says: Genesis 6:17 - I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.

I'm curious about your blog-post. You called these "controversial statements" - were these controversial when you said them - as in how people responded at church?

Thanks for opening up the conversation, brother!

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Called Comcast a few hours after reading this post. Our current deal involves the 6-meg internet service and digital cable with DVR for about $73/month (with taxes/fees). When I told them that I needed to drop my television they offered me nothing better. There was NO comparable Internet service that was even near-affordable... :( I even pulled the "We have local DSL available for only $34.95 for the 10mbps speed..." Planning to call back in a few days and try again.

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Can't wait, Jonathan!

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i want in! The DVD would be a great addition to my ministry library!