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I would re-read the WIP and see if it sparks any ideas. If not, try writing some flash fiction or shorts just to get back in to practice. Once you are writing regularly again, you will be able to tackle your WIPs easily.

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Is it release day yet?!?!?!

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“Of course, you will be staying with us. At least until Iain returns from his travels. Then you have your duty.” He said with a smile.
“Amanda and Brian, supper is ready.” Mom called from the kitchen. I followed dad in to the kitchen where we have sat for supper every night for as long as I can remember. Mom had placed a plate with warm biscuits on the table and was carrying over a large bowl filled with beef stew. For the first time in a long time, I was not alone at supper time.

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Here is my snippet PPR. This is a definate WIP (and my first) and has not had any editing (so be gentle).

I was astonished that my parents were happy to see me. I had convinced myself that if they were still mad, I would live in one of the empty cottages on my own. I know that eventually, Iain will show up and claim his mate and I would be expected to move in with him, but I need time to readjust to life among the Clan before I did that. I needed to find my place among these people again. “Is that all you have, sweetheart? Everything in that pack?” My dad asked as he came down the stairs.
I smiled, “No, daddy. That is just what I needed for the travel here and for a few days here before my other items arrive. I wanted a chance to figure out where I would be staying.”

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Hey PPR! Love the site. Wish I had time and and internet connection to do a good job on mine. :( Think I might have to go check out the Timeless series, looks good.