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Have you mentioned this mold problem to someone within leadership? There may be others there who are dealing with problems like you but have no idea the mold exists. I think I would have to do the same thing - leave. But it may be a problem that can be addressed. Just my first thought.

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YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA - Cheering you on!!!!!

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Something similar happened here a few weeks ago. I think ours lived. At least I am assuming so. I'd rather not think about an animal getting him. :(

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Very beautiful and touching! Thank you for linking it up to Saturday Sampling so I could come by.

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Keep going! You still have plenty of month to go!


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I will check out the Better Blog challenge. That would fit with one of my ongoing goals from last month.

Good luck! I'm visiting from 3 in 30. I will add your blog to my "All Buttoned Up" page and will stop by to cheer for you.


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I still like you in spite of the fact that you have dieted to GAIN weight! and that you can still wear clothes you wore in high school after 4 children and 25 years. ;)


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You have done very well!!! I am looking forward to your goals for June. I've been rolling around June in my mind for a week now. I'm ready for it!

Oh and I love your organizational process for your social media time. I've not thought of groups.

Congrats on being the Featured participant for the week. I hope you get lots of traffic from it. I was the FP a couple of weeks ago. I picked up a few new followers.

Keep up the good work!


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Hmmmm - thought it came up when clicked on my name. Odd!

NP - here it is -

Thank you so much!

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I added the first button! Love your blog by the way. It's clean and organized. Beautiful!