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It might be must my preferences, but now comes up on page 2. Yesterday it was page 5.

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Thanks for catching that, Guest. *corrected.

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Haha. That doesn't piss me off. Send him $500 for all I care. While you're at it, send SarahPAC a few grand. The two have the same odds of winning anything in 2012.

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The prize indeed. The Economist doesn't recommend in payroll tax increases on the rich but the elimination of deductions. That is the point. That is where the budget savings lie. But Obama's approach – contrasting the middle class and the rich – is starting that conversation.

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You speak. The media provides entertainment, not facts. Everyone knows that. Word of mouth is more important than mass media, even if that sounds ridiculous. What we see on TV is so easily contextualized when an intelligent friend questions it. So, question it, in front of everyone who believes it.

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Forget mere applause, that rebuttal deserves a standing ovation! So well-articulated, insightful and generally orgasmic in its analysis. I'll be up all night contemplating it.

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The OG Teabagger. Ha! I might have to write something using that.

(Although fair warning: I'd have to also write that Ron Paul may be radical, but he's without argument the smartest teabagger of the lot. If he weren't so boring, I think he'd be the favorite. And he might even be able to hold his own against the master elocutionist, BO.)

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So we have two suggestions: rimshot politics and rimjob politics.

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Fuckin' Republicans! #rimjob ;)

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That's what I don't get. The far left is always threatening to leave the party and support another candidate, to invest their time and money elsewhere. Well, where is elsewhere? Obama is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. The only other options are Republicans – Romney, Huntsman, Paul, BACHMANN!

That is not to say one must violate their own principles by voting for someone who is the lesser of two evils, if they believe that. It's only to say I don't get why liberals actively try to break the unity of the left. The majority of the Democratic Party is moderate. The crazier the far left gets, the more turned off the majority becomes, and Obama's re-election doesn't depend on the fringe votes. He has to appeal to the majority.