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Zionist Jews control whites in the West via 2 main methods:
-their interest/usury based banking/financial system
- the Bible was altered & compiled by Jewish rabbis who went and made Jews Gods Chosen ppl so the goys would do their bidding unwittingly.

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any report/expose that does not mention the Zionist elite, most of whom are Jews, is not accurate, according to me.

too many gullible bigots in the West, they still bleive the lies of the Church & their Bible which was compiled by Jewish rabbis, that Jews are Gods Chosen ppl.
and they keep sending their dumb coward children to enlist in the military to go & kill innocent ppl for Israel.

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Mr Chomsky is a Zionist Jew. He conveniently leaves out mentioning the Zionist Jews who control the US & other western govts in his articles. he does criticise Israel when it comes to the Palestine issue but he does not blame them entirely. same with Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 9-11 fame-he blames the Saudis instead of his Zionist brethren.

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how i wish that happens.
that the US launches an attack on Syria and then Syria punishes Israel.
only sad part is that its always the innocent who suffer the most.

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i wonder how the people working for the DHS or the NSA etc sleep at night, when they know that they are responsible for killing or unlawfully persecuting thousands of innocent people.
also, theres too many bigots and idiots in the west, who refuse to accept that their leaders are the real terrorists.

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as the Red Indians say
"pale face speak with forked tongue"
here, Obama is not a pale face but he knows how to speak with forked tongue quite well.

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the us govt is creating problems where theres most likely nothing. just like how they make enemies of people who have done nothing to harm them

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from what i see, the US knows its going to cost a LOT to remove all their troops & equipment from Afghanistan & then theres the Taliban attacking convoys & blowing things up. i suspect the US is dragging things along so that the Taliban can destroy the equipment etc.

also- its a matter of pride- the US does not want to be seen as retreating with its tail between its legs.

whatever, i just know that the guilty will pay for every single innocent life they have taken on the Day of judgement

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nah, i think he is a typical Zionist but is cleverly selecting to highlight issues without ever pointing out the Zionist culprits who are almost always behind every scam.

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no matter what he may say, Mr Moore is not an honest person.
his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 was a big lie. he never mentions the Zionists even once but tries to pin everything on the Saudis/bin Ladens.