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Curries! I love using fresh turmeric in this recipe:
(never bothered making the tapioca, fwiw)

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First it was a blog on anti-racism (my memory says Anti-Racist Girl? Or Anti-Racist Mama? but google isn't helping me out) and it was Shapely Prose. They were internet communities that felt like home but also pushed me to think outside my own experiences and to question the assumptions (especially the fatphobia) that I'd be raised with.

Then there was a whole bunch of fabulous queer transmasculine and femme bloggers, some of whom became friends. LesbianDad, Just Jess, Tongue-Tied Blue, and more I can't remember by name.

And then I was reading the Awl, which led me to the Hairpin. I loved them both, even though they felt a little like hanging out with those awesome straight friends you love but never totally get.

Except for the Comments by Melis, which were always the best part: the way Mallory would bait and then dismantle the haters and the fools, how she'd lure the patronizing, aggressive dude in and then neatly, hilariously make his life a burden to him with her words. And around the same time I started stopping by that "Graveyard of Personal Literary Ambition," Nicole Cliffe's old site, and enjoying everything she had to say about books.

And so it was that in July 2013 I became a Toastie for Life. Publishing my work here has been an honor and a sheer delight, but it's nothing compared to the joy and wisdom and humility I've gained from this community. Ah, damn, I'm going to miss this site.

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"Obvs our current system is imperfect and fucked up but at least it's not Boris Johnson and Nigel fucking Farage in charge." Exactly. That's what I keep saying to my leftist friends here in the US, who are like, "But isn't the EU kind of terrible?" Sure. But Brexit means handing power to the most bigoted, small-minded, reactionary segment of British politics.

My best friend is in London right now and I told her to tell any wafflers that if they didn't vote Remain, she'd vote Trump.

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Sometimes I find it helpful just to narrate to myself what my brain is doing, in a non-judgmental way. Eg, instead of "none of this is real, brain!" I say, "oh, hi, brain, you're doing the stressed-out thing again. It's ok, we're gonna be fine, and it's ok that you need to have this little freak-out now." Sometimes all it takes is making space for the feeling, instead of trying to make it something else. (I am very far from done with this project, of course.)

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Try to picture this guy instead:

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Oh, heck! Here it is, with no fancy linking attempted:

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The aged P! :) :) :)

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Bread and butter down the leg is good, but the whole scene is just so ever-green.

tl;dr: "It's a mercy you ain't bolted dead!"

"Joe was evidently made uncomfortable by what he supposed to be my loss of appetite, and took a thoughtful bite out of his slice, which he didn't seem to enjoy. He turned it about in his mouth much longer than usual, pondering over it a good deal, and after all gulped it down like a pill. He was about to take another bite, and had just got his head on one side for a good purchase on it, when his eye fell on me, and he saw that my bread-and-butter was gone.
The wonder and consternation with which Joe stopped on the threshold of his bite and stared at me, were too evident to escape my sister's observation.
"What's the matter now?" said she, smartly, as she put down her cup.
"I say, you know!" muttered Joe, shaking his head at me in very serious remonstrance. "Pip, old chap! You'll do yourself a mischief. It'll stick somewhere. You can't have chawed it, Pip."
"What's the matter now?" repeated my sister, more sharply than before.
"If you can cough any trifle on it up, Pip, I'd recommend you to do it," said Joe, all aghast. "Manners is manners, but still your elth's your elth."
By this time, my sister was quite desperate, so she pounced on Joe, and, taking him by the two whiskers, knocked his head for a little while against the wall behind him: while I sat in the corner, looking guiltily on.
"Now, perhaps you'll mention what's the matter," said my sister, out of breath, "you staring great stuck pig."
Joe looked at her in a helpless way; then took a helpless bite, and looked at me again.
"You know, Pip," said Joe, solemnly, with his last bite in his cheek and speaking in a confidential voice, as if we two were quite alone, "you and me is always friends, and I'd be the last to tell upon you, any time. But such a — " he moved his chair and looked about the floor between us, and then again at me - "such a most oncommon Bolt as that!"
"Been bolting his food, has he?" cried my sister.
"You know, old chap," said Joe, looking at me, and not at Mrs. Joe, with his bite still in his cheek, "I Bolted, myself, when I was your age - frequent - and as a boy I've been among a many Bolters; but I never see your Bolting equal yet, Pip, and it's a mercy you ain't Bolted dead.""

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Absolutely. "A New England" is another favorite. And it wasn't his fault that I compared his "Sexuality" to kd lang's. (Having typed that, I suppose it works on many levels.)