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That would be Vincent Tong, who voices Flash Sentry, singing as a pony named Pop Fly.

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*riches. "Riches aplenty" = lots to choose from.

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I think they meant AJ would be Dorothy and she would have Winona with her as Toto.

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1. Gabriel is 25, not really "late 20s" yet.

2. Michelle and Claire are 16, and Maddy is 19. Not "early teenage", either.

3. He and Michelle are close friends, and have been for some time. They have the same agent. They both live in Vancouver. Gabriel has now actually been IN the show. They're going to hang out. Claire being there was a nice bonus, although it stands to reason she'd hang out with them from time to time as she also lives in Vancouver.

While I'm sure you're not the only one who finds it creepy, I for one do not and I just wanted to point out the inconsistencies of your comment.

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Am I the only one theorizing that all four Pie sisters could potentially be quadruplets? Pinkie called Maud her "older" sister, but she also called Marble the "youngest" the logic that Marble is the "baby" of the Pie sisters, it could be possible. Not one of them looks much older or younger than the others.

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You know those are just fan suggestions that AKR likes and not their official canon names that they used/are going to use in the show, right? AKR didn't come up with them.

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I agree! I loved that she embraced that costume after Rarity pitched it. How do you think she got her eyes red, though? Contacts? They never addressed this, even when they showed her taking the costume off.

The ripping off of Spikes' "conjoined twin"'s head was metal af, though.

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Bulma from Dragon Ball is correct! I also believe there was a character from Soul Eater (the kid whose scythe is kind of a dick and tends to push him around), if I'm not mistaken.

There was also a filly dressed as Sailor Moon outside Rarity's boutique on the left side of the screen as the Cutie Mark Crusaders are running by. I freaked the hell right out.

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Now I want to see Angel with his head on fire.

Of course, I've wanted to see that for some time, but now it can be called a "crossover". lol

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Fluttershy is one of the strongest characters in the show *because* she knows her own limits. Sometimes she needs to be pushed beyond them, but those are emergency situations and she does tend to learn slightly from them, but in all, her "weakness" is actually her strength. You'll never see her rush headlong into a situation she knows nothing about and find herself in trouble (*coughRainbowDashcough*), because she knows better. If that makes her "limited" in what can and can't be done with her character, so be it. Applejack is limited in a very similar manner - she knows her own limits as well, and is sometimes stubborn enough that she pushes herself beyond them and it gets her in trouble (honestly, though, this hasn't happened since season one) - and as a result, the writers unfortunately don't have very much material for her.

I may be slightly biased towards Fluttershy because I share a lot of similarities with her (shyness, a love of animals, a love of singing but some reluctance to do so in public, kind of being a pushover), but I believe Fluttershy (as well as Applejack) is a fantastic character and I hope to see more episodes with her as the focus in the future (even though we got a ton of Flutter-centric episodes in season four, they were mostly out there episodes that didn't really feature her core personality trait).