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Some have claimed that we have a non-citizen as president. I have seen no hard-and-clear evidence to the contrary.

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It's all going back to this asinine practice the GOP seems unable to shake: namely that when it's a candidate's "turn" to be the presidential nominee, he gets the most support. Regardless of his record, his policies, his past actions and future campaign promises,

As someone who wants to see Obama's political career go down in flames in 2012, I know Romney is NOT the answer.

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No, absolutely not. The anti-pseudoephedrine laws violate the first principle of the American justice system: that is, we are innocent until proven guilty. They automatically assume guilt (that buying pseudoephedrine = you're a meth dealer) and the laws penalizing "too many" purchases violate, I believe, the 8th amendment prohibiting cruel, unusual or extreme punishment. I would certainly like to see someone fight this legislation to the highest court possible on 8th amendment grounds.

The framers of these laws have no concept of exactly how much pseudoephedrine it takes to actually make a small quantity of meth. If you purchased your pseudoephedrine through the drug store, you'd probably go broke before you had enough to make any sort of quantity of meth.

These laws haven't stopped the meth problem, but do a darn fine job of locking up old ladies who -- prior to this -- weren't seen as a threat to society until they bought just a little too much cold medicine.

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A teacher in Colorado was fired from her job for taking time out to pump breast milk.

I never understood why breastfeeding was such a big issue, but now I realize it's not the breasts that are the problem, but the fact that breastfeeding -- like this woman's impending motherhood -- is offensive because it implies a woman allowing herself to have a child be completely dependent on her. Breastfeeding is such a huge commitment, and I think it turns a lot of anti-family, frown-on-motherhood types off.

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Except liberal women don't want us to have it all. They want us to have what THEY think is good for us: a 60+ hour-a-week career, a bitter hatred toward men, left-wing political views, and a promiscuous sex-life. Most of all, they don't want us to ever, ever, ever embrace the notions of marriage and family. As for children -- they cramp lifestyles! The cost money! They require attention and selflessness....all reasons why most liberal women abhor child birth and are ardently pro-abortion (not "pro choice" because they don't think having a child is a valid choice!).

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Doesn't start until November, and wouldn't be allowed in the State Fair grounds.

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July 3, actually. For some reason, Milwaukee always has it's Independence Day fireworks on the 3rd of July.

And the day at the Fair started off with protests by liberals who hate Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker, because he balanced the budget (closing a $3.6 BILLION deficit without raising taxes or massive layoffs), and the crowds yelled such charming things like "Sic semper tyrannis" (which is what assassins like Brutus and John Wilkes Booth yelled before killing Caesar and Lincoln, respectively. Glad to see all those lectures about "new tone" and "civility" sunk in, huh?

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church moved its festival several years ago because "youths" were staging disruptions at the open fair grounds by the church. They moved to (ironically) the State Fair Grounds to better control the crowds.

Every summer, Lincoln Memorial Drive -- which runs along Milwaukee's lakefront -- is packed with "youths" riding in cars, jamming up roadways, playing loud music and generally acting like animals. It sounds harsh, but it is.

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♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Maaaaarrrrrrk! Happy birthday to you! ♫

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Link isn't working now.

Spend some time debating with "pro choice" on Twitter. It's nothing but evil, cloaked in the rhetoric of "personal choice." They hate children, and now are taking out that hatred not only on the unborn but those who are born but simply represent a lifestyle (parenthood) the "pro choice" crowd abhors.