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Maura Povich ran a rather extensive documentary himself right after this. Perhaps you should watch it for a clearer and more precise view of MJ truth... on You Tube you can search the Footage Your Were Never Supposed to See. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Ilq7oYgto

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Truly, it is unsupposable that a black man, in congress nonetheless, could be so uncultured and cruel. Sadly, you have chosen to subject us all to your maniacal mindset. Everything you have said is counterfactual. You are a murderer. Your sadistic outlook poisons others with your barbaric and hateful opinion. It is the likes of you that kills truth and hope...you are a murderer. A black bigot. How many times were you called the "N" word? How many times did you have to fight just to get home from school. Now, my dear tokened brother, what do you have do do just to be in congress? Obviously attack a man who suffered from vitiligo, women and gays. No one would listen to you otherwise. You are a fool, and all the people you work with know it. Let me tell you...you will not be elected again. I will broadcast the filth and sleaze that you present to us all. You are not even worth old gum on the bottom of my shoe. Certainly, I would like you to be able to speak with intellegence, and truth...sadly, I know you lack that capacity. Enough said.

Dr. Catherine Gross

MJJJusticeProject - “An injustice to one man, is an injustice to mankind”

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Thank you very much for your recent comment on our wordpress article "YouTube Abdicates Social Responsibility" and we honor your efforts for trying to clean it up since 2007. We know that the vile bigotry allowed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as owners of YouTube is outrageously beyond any social accepted norm. The hate speech, images and opinions expressed on these videos is bad enough but when the sponsors of Google have their Ad banners running along the bottom of this prejudicial indoctrination it has become an even larger issue. We apply pressure on YouTube to install word filters and image filters so that at least the offensiveness would be deleted. Additionally, it is our goal to contact the sponsors and appeal to have their adveritsements removed from such venomous and anti-social behavior in these videos.

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Can you help spread the awarenesss regarding YouTube's lack of control over their content http://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2011/04/06...

Please tell Larry Page and Sergey Brin the owners of YouTube that word filtering, image controls, and IP tracking applications to clean us the racism, sexism, vulgarity - vile descriptions and promotions of torturing of children and rape.