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I know this is Halloween themed, but I'm surprised to see some gore in the drawfriend. #6 Carousel, Twilight, Rarity and RD appear to actually be impaled on the carousel. There's just a bit of blood running down their sides.

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I'd like to see the CMC get their cutie marks in the final episodes of the series, because, as some people have pointed out, it would be hard to come up with story ideas once they have their cutie marks.

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This episode was absolutely amazing. It gave a whole new level of depth to RD's character and finally showed that RD is capable of expressing true emotions rather than always hiding behind her facade of cool. The episode was especially powerful for me since I was recently in RD's position. Back in March my dog passed away and I did a lot of the same things RD did... minus the whole trying to stop a season from coming thing. I got impatient and snapped at people, I tried to do all I could to prevent the inevitable and I spent days lying by her side just staring at her and wishing I could do something. RD is my favorite pony and the fact that she got an episode focusing on loss so soon after experiencing it myself made this a absolutely amazing episode for me.

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I've gotten so used to hearing the fandom voices for Vinyl and Octavia that hearing any other voice from them will seem odd. At least for a little while.

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If I had any concrete design details of my OC/Pony-sona I'd definitely look into this. Then again I don't have the money to go bidding against people who will certainly come close to breaking the bank for this opportunity.

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It makes me want to remind Rarity that Spike is a child and any romantic feelings she may have for him in his current straight could lead to prison time.

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You know, I sometimes wonder if this were a show for an older audience and could approach more mature subjects and go into even more depth when exploring a characters personality, what kind of character she could become. On several occasions we see that her compulsive/got-to-win personality leads her to become jealous of others, in a more mature story line this could lead her to be the kind of character that not only refuses to settle for anything less than victory, but becomes somewhat of the revenge seeking type.

On a side note, looking at Dash's house and knowing that pegasi can manipulate clouds, it could be possible that the house (other than furnishings) didn't cost her a single bit. She could have made it herself. Which, if that ere the case, she's rather artistic.

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That is awesome! I love this animation.

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Ok, maybe it's just because I haven't seen EG 2 yet, but what is with all these pony pregnancy test things I keep seeing everywhere!?

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As much as I love the show and all the characters as well as the fantastic art this fandom produces, I honestly have trouble seeing the show lasting more than a couple more seasons at most, which is why the movie announcement astounds me. As for the fandom, there may be those die-hard fans that last on into the 2020's, but it will be a far smaller group. Now the friendships that people made within this fandom I see outlasting the show and the fandom. But I'm not sure MLP has had a big enough impact on our culture to remain a significant fandom after the original content disappears.