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Plastic Memories annoys me a bit, I feel like it should be better than it actually is, but at the same time I am enjoying it.

Just started My Love Story last night, that one is a winner

Baby Steps and Can't Understand my Husband season 2 are both great continuations of the first season.

Ace of Diamond season 2 decided to start with multiple recap episodes so I have no idea how it is yet, but I liked the first season so I think we will be good.

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Good, not great episode.

I liked the scenes with the tree and wished it was the focus of the episode but oh well.

Song didn't do it for me either, I wonder if I have outgrown the songs since last week's didn't either.

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Anyway, I didn't like that the movies contiued it (I will admit I haven't seen them) but I think the franchise had it's time, it is time to move on...


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I liked her(as a character), fakes being equal so she can be the best. Has an absolutely vicious side it seems, and she got away so we can finally have a villain in more than one two-parter, here is hoping for the legion of pony-doom I have always dreamed of.

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Not a bad idea, just combine them.

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I wish I saw this poll earlier

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Thanks for the apology, crap I didn't even know you had a spoiler button, season 5 no spoils here I come.

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Oh wow someone else who gets the ending of Anohana

Oh look Tank at number 1 big surprise there ;p

Top op for me would have to be Overman King Gainer

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I'm going to be busy that morning, so figuring out a way to watch it even though I should be doing stuff at the time