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I say it's a unicorn. We all understand what makes :unicorniness" and this is it.

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OTOH, I agree completely with "that's why revelation" is necessary! No way to talk or think about theism without it.

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I know nothing about rhubarb but I have a great deal of experience with rhubarbiness, I think. For example, gbisaga -- sorry, I don't know your actual name but my wordplay mind thinks your screen name is an anagram of "big saga" so I'm all for that as power of story!

So as gbisaga gave me above, this is a good example of rhubarbiness to me: "The relativist view, on the other hand, that you can have your god and I can have mine, makes no sense at all to me. God is Who He is. We view Him differently, but that's not due to him, it's due to us - our lenses. "

That statement itself makes no sense to me. Words strung together with the embedded premise that there IS an objective god, period, so every other idea must by definition be wrong.

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Yo banana boy!

Along the lines of Eric's son's joke, my favorite palindrome honestly was the first thing that came to mind at the word "banana." The second was Eric's son's joke.

I lost a big chunk of introduction trying to post -- apparently I wrote so long the connection timed out! -- but the gist of it was that I'm living backward, the opposite of Scott. I was a conservative southern authoritarian and active-Christian in my early days during the 60s while the rest of my university town was marching for civil rights and against war. Now that everyone else has skewed so far right since Reagan, and after an unexpected clash with police authority that shook my Alex P. Keaton world view to its priggish, Ayn Rand core, I find I've somehow become a progressive. (More about that here, along with some poetic words and a not-bad personal intro, btw.)

Our two children are quirky, no doubt in part because they were unschooled (not homeschooled because we've never "done school") from the start. Favorite Daughter at 21 is in grad school for library science and museum curation, working in the campus music library and planning a doctorate in religion although she's a self-proclaimed a-theist, steeping herself in all the holy words but unwilling to adopt only one book of powerful stories as truth much less literal unidimensional truth.

She's probably taught me much more through the years than I've taught her.

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I also know a fine young grad student violinist now diving into astrophysics for the love of it, oldest child of professional chefs who's lived many places around the country but mostly way up north in the snow, if you wind up looking for such a young person? I believe she's not religious but not sure . . . Oh, you know who else you might ask? Luke from Sonlight. He's always interesting.

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It's like the oh-so-creepy choco-beast tv commercials where mom and dad in spooky darkness, purposely terrify their children all to warn them away from their dessert stash in the fridge. Then they laugh and congratulate each other on the kids' screams.

Alba ought to be faced with this first degree murder case from AZ, of a ten-year-old girl:

". . .admitted putting the child in the trunk and padlocking it. . .
John Allen was allegedly angry with Deal because she had taken a popsicle from the freezer. . .
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