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Today Obama butted into the election calling Trump "unfit" to hold office during a press conference. Trump, as his rebuttal, ought to finally bring out all the info held by his friend, Sheriff Arpaio, to prove that the current pResident takes the cake for unfitness since we've had a fraud who isn't even a citizen of the country in there for years fulfilling his mission to destroy the country. Forget everything else, anyone with any type of citizenship doesn't have to phony up numerous false SSNs. That alone speaks to his current status.....no matter all the rest of the constant denials of other facts! And why aren't those who have so strongly argued the known facts about Soetoro, and kept a lot of the info that has gotten deliberately erased, bombarding Mr. Trump with all the info, without involving Arpaio who has his hands tied by the logical authorities??

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They've all had the evidence presented to them. None of them will do anything. They're already terrorized from within....don't have to wait for external threats.

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Would be nice if a side issue introduced into a court case could be the thing that might make the news. Orly ought to ask the Judge how to decide which SSN should be used to identify Obama for accuracy purposes in this hearing!! And then be ready to read off the real owners of each SSN offered. Such basics ought to demonstrate the obvious fact that the man is not currently any kind of U.S. citizen without getting into the weeds of all the legalisms re: NBC.

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Should have replied to him that it doesn't matter since he was adopted by Soetoro, used the name Barry Soetoro for years and never attempted to become a U.S. citizen again through naturalization process....thus, why all the fraudulent i.d.s that mock up a phony citizenship. Simple!

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So why did he go all the way to HI when he could have simply gone to Arizona, or, for that matter asked the good Sheriff Arpaio to come and be allowed to present the actual evidence to him? Much easier and simpler, but then the Zero sycophants always complicate the truth and go out of their ways to back his lies.

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Wondering if the alleged threat against Chelsea had to do more with bringing to the public the info (not denied by lib reporters) that she is daughter of Webb Hubbel!

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And more than likely they have some kind of dirt on him....usual modus operandi of this regime.

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If it's "universe shattering" then it could be the leaders of other nations won't recognize his representative leadership of the U.S. any longer and that will have to convince our own citizens that with Zero in office the U.S. is without a leader. It may take those outside of the U.S. to make the difference after any evidence is released. I doubt if even his Musbros will be happy with him then either....no power left for their big plans with further U.S. infiltration into high govt places then.

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Mooch could be getting concerned that her free (banquet) lunches and luxury travel might be gone soon.

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Arpaio may not exactly approve of all of this expectant hype. Wonder if it's so wise to be so loud before any action is taken. Wouldn't think it's good to alert the enemy. They don't exactly play like nice guys. Sounds more like everyone is trying to get credit for any success rather than trying to protect the work done to gather evidence and not, once again, flub it up. This is their last chance....esp. if any court, once again, could rule negatively but this time with prejudice where it could never be presented again...so it better be good and convincing!