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Industry: Entertainment / Film Industry
Position: Acting/Talent
Status: Open Liberal That Has Surprising Conservative Views On A Few Subjects.

Can a Liberal respectfully put in his two cents? My first job after graduation was at an acting/modeling agency. I was young (well, still am I suppose) and just moved here from a small city. As you can imagine being in such an industry meant that I was surrounded by some very, liberated personalities I guess you can say. Now I realize that is pretty much the norm after being here for a few years. Did it weird me out at first? Yes. But only at first. It taught me to respect all manners of people regardless of race, sexual orientation or yes, even political views. I considered myself rather liberal after thinking about it a year ago. We can all agree that the level of vitriol on both parties has grown exponentially in the last couple years. I haven't been in the industry that long so you would have to tell me if it's always been this way. Yet, it seems that in this industry - the entertainment industry - political differences do not play as huge a part as it's made out to be. For the most part members of different parties can work on a project together - Conservative director works with very outspoken Liberal actor - who goes on to win acting awards for their collaboration. Liberal gay writer works with conservative director on project starring another outspoken Liberal actor - this happens every day in this industry and I think that's terrific. We do not hate Conservatives. I do not. My best friend of 17 years is a Conservative. My girlfriend (an actress) is a Conservative. We do not hate each other. They are surprised to find that I am quite Conservative on a number of issues. I won't get into which ones but I am. I spend quite a bit of time with conservatives because I am genuinely curious, interested and fascinated in their views and positions. We do not argue, shout at each other or call each other names. I just listen and take in what they're saying as they do with me. We are not all that different - we both hate hypocrisy for instance - but as there is strong hypocrisy on both sides that is just something we are all stuck with. A lot of us honestly don't know where or when the level of intolerance towards each others parties got to the point where it is today. Perhaps it started with the politicians themselves. I'm in my late 20's so I can't say if it's been this way for a while or not. Sadly, a lot of the stories I hear suggests to me it has.

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Why? To get sodomized by a Priest?

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Thought you Christians didn't believe in Karma. Just heard that insane evangelical Billy Graham is in the hospital and dying and doesn't have much time left.

Guess it's that evil, wicked Karma. Soon he'll be joining ol' Jerry Fartwell in Hell where he's getting ass raped by Lucifer where I'm sure he's enjoying ever second of it.

Hope they take that disgusting Pat Robertson with him.

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Um...no. He hasn't been on TV for years. So your question makes no sense.


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The soggy tea bags are so obviously racist that it is beyond any reasonable doubt. A question I've never heard answered by any Tea Partier is this: Though you guys claim to not be against having a black president simply because he's black and instead it's "really" all about your concern and outrage about runaway government spending then where in the hell were all of you when Bush was taking a huge budget surplus and replacing it with a mountain of government debt? Funny, but I never heard of any Tea Party back in 2001 or 2002 or 2003 or any of the years of the Bush (Cheney) administration. Only do they oppose government debt when it is being built by an African American president. My crystal ball tells me that had McShame won in 2008 and done precisely what Obama's done we would hear crickets chirping instead of Tea Parties ranting.

Racism is the best tool conservatives have in pushing their agenda: Isn't that right Andrew? When you got a U.S. Department of Agriculture official pushed out of her job after you released a deceptively edited video clip of her supposedly endorsing racism against white people.

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Tea Party Racist?

Nooooooo. You're kidding!?

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"Biggest Loser?" What? There was ANOTHER republican debate on last night?

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Well, here's something that's really going to make you conservatives turn red and have you shooting steam out of your old hairy ears: Ricky Martin is going to star in "Glee" next year: http://www.tvline.com/2011/11/glee-ricky-martin-s...

And I hear He's bringing his absolute favorite dance partner with him: http://www.uncoached.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/...