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I see so many people playing this game on the train. Men and women alike. So much of a phenomenon, Tsum Tsum is, it snagged a People's Choice award for Japanese Licensing of the Year. Truly a juggernaut.

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ADORABLE! I need a Scootaloo, stat!

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I almost feel like you'd have a shorter list if you listed the ones that *didn't* use the trope.

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Incorrect! They are simply more silently tolerated.

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Season 3 has NOT been licensed yet. This is a fan-made opening. It was actually pretty easy to tell...there was no furigana above the kanji! Anime aimed at little kids more often than not will have it, because otherwise kids might not be able to read it. I must say, the TV Tokyo mark and clock in the corner were nice touches.

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Will it be accessible outside of North America?

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Hasbro's first hit toy was Mr. Potato Head, so it's not surprising! Not to mention third generation Hassenfeld brother (HasBro? Eh?) and past president/CEO/chairman Alan Hassenfeld took a particularly strong liking to Mr. Potato Head, which could be why we still see quite a bit of him around today...

(If you want to learn more about Hasbro's history, I highly recommend the book "Toy Wars: The Epic Struggle Between G.I. Joe, Barbie, and the Companies that Make Them". It is slightly biased in favor of Hasbro, but it provides a lot of background you won't really find elsewhere.)

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As far as I can tell, Japanese fans rely on English-speaking fans for background pony names. I don't think we'll see much difference.

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Bandai is most definitely still around. I can't possibly imagine either company would see this as a huge threat, though.

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That error has been corrected in the second printing.