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SNL lost the magic years ago. Obama is a tough comedy schtick because the satire and reality are both depressing. To be honest with you, I think more people would find it more amusing if something tragic happened to Obama rather than laugh at his incompetance because lets face it, the joke is on us.

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Let's hear that chant. Alltogether now...FBO USA FBO USA FBO USA FBO USA FBO USA FBO USA FBO USA !

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All I see in Keith Olberman is a giant inflamed hemeroid with glasses.

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Three years of unemployment, total...wow...DAMN it pays to be a slacker. This is a stoners dream administration. And Odummy wants to give tax breaks to people who don't pay taxes!!! Holy crap - Why the F do I play the dog-eat-dog game anyway?

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I always said, from day one that AGW was a big money grab. Looks like I was right. That's a prediction you can believe

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On the plus side, there is NO strong Democrat candidate yet either.

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"All your base are belong to us"

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2011 will be worse. Obama will get us into another war somewhere, possibly Korea. Then he'll try to usurp the presidency without a vote. He's seen the voter contempt and he needs a plan.

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Obama wants everyone to buy one of those coal powered electric chevy's.


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Serve Weight Watchers food for the in-flight meal and no fat people will ever fly. Serve bacon and no terrorist will fly either. Better yet, make everyone eat a hot bacon dressing spinitch salad prior to loading__