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I totally get this.
I used to live, breathe and drop poetry. It poured out of my veins.
But -- then I became a believer and that changed. I can count on one hand the amount of poems that I have written since my heart/ mind and soul were changed forever.

I still miss it... I miss the way the words would pour out of me, in a rhythm all of their own. . . but since I am no longer covered with the sad cloud, my inspiration, my words, have all gone.

I wouldn't trade my life now for that. . . but I do miss that cathartic compulsion to create.

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That is such a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ!!
And what a lovely home on the internet that you have!!
Good luck planting the rest of the trees!

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You are too cute -- I love your sense of humor!! Congrats on baby #3, and I hope that you find LOTS of homeschooling mommas to connect with through this!! I cant help you there. But I WILL laugh at your jokes. ;)

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I simply cannot way for each day to read the next installment.
I am LOVING this. :)
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It's interesting-- you aren't feeling the blogging lately, yet what you write has this profoundly deep impact on me today...
probably others, as well.

When I think about how invested I am in my virtual life, I want to make sure that I am equally invested in my actual life (beyond my family, of course). It is much harder for me to bare my soul and be open and real in person...

But I miss having actual conversations, with pauses, and listening, and hearing the cadences of a precious one's voice...

Thought provoking stuff. *hugs*

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:) I was SOOOOO excited when I saw your first one! I really "heard" the dismissal in your reply to that email! Haha!!
The story is really unfolding, and I really excited to get to know the characters.

And I agree with Katharine-- I can feel the peace from your words.
It is wonderful!! <3

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OH my goodness!! This is so flat out awesome!! I am so excited that you are doing with the challenge as a FICTION challenge! What a great idea!!

You are so awesome.

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So awesome. The first two sentences blew me away and I had to read them seven times. And then I read them to my husband. And then I tweeted the link to this post.

This should be required reading for all who have dreams and the desire to create for Him.

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I love how cute it is with her hair half pulled back like that!! So adorable!!

Can you believe how old our babies are getting?? :/
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I am so sorry, my friend.
Praying for you every day.
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