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Not academia, but I do interviews--the technical interview piece--and I never get a thank-you. Usually they are interviewed by 6-8 people in our process, at different times. If there are any courtesy thank-you emails, it goes to the hiring manager.

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I hope you get it!

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Well, since I can't spend that much money, my daughter wants to just go on a road trip to see stupid roadside attractions and/or haunted places. It really depends on travel restrictions in all the states we will wander through, but I thought about driving them to Salem, MA while hitting up roadside attractions along the way. My daughter and I will be vaccinated by the time we leave, but my son is too young, so he won't be.

I really want to go wandering by myself again, but work schedule and money may limit that this year. Otherwise, I was going to wander in the wilderness in the Sierras.

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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, which is so solitary that I almost think it is better to watch during a time when real life doesn't feel equally so. I think it is a good movie for people who really like to read horror.

Not as good as Hill House or Bly (OMG, I love that one), but I do put that one on my regular October rotation.

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Oh, This topic is hitting my sweet spot, so I just had to mention that the oldest, actively maintained browser is Lynx! I shouldn't be excited about knowing that because it really does make me feel OMFG-level old, but then again, both CleverManka and I have ties to where Lynx started so I'm still on the geeky-side of excited.

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Wordpress just inherently supports both threaded comments and moderation. Is that all you need?

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Here's your bad news: The IntenseDebate plugin isn't rendering well with this version of Wordpress. This plugin hasn't been updated in 2 years and is only tested up to WordPress 5.0, and this site is already on 5.6.

It seems like development on IntenseDebate has been abandoned, so I predict this won't get better. But, if there is a preferred alternate plug-in, I'll work at getting it install for you.

--Your friendly admin, Mel

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When you post a comment, it is generating a javascript error so any comment after isn't working because the javascript error is preventing the comment system from working. Reloading the page is clearing that out.

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Running pants almost everyday, all day. I bought more because I found some with pockets! I rarely even put makeup on anymore. My face is washed out with it on video calls anyhow. I even said this during a work call, "I'm not turning on video for this one. I haven't taken a shower yet. I do that at lunchtime now."

In otherwords, I'm more slapdash in my fashion choices than I already was.

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Liver and onions. I really love them. My Grandpa Kelley made them for me for as long as I could remember. Because my mother hates it, and made a big deal out of having to eat his liver and onions when she was young, him making it for me was our special thing. I loved that he made this for just us. And it was really good! My mother doesn't like cooking and the joy of making a meal for someone only came from occasional times with grandparents.

Christmas of 2002, I was planning to head back to his house for Christmas. It was going to be a typical Christmas dinner except he said he was going to make liver and onions for us. Instead he got bronchitis and had to be admitted to the hospital and while in the hospital, he got meningitis and died.

I have not eaten any since. And I love them, but they will never be just our thing again. And even though it has been 16 years, if anybody ever makes them for me, it will be this terrible deluge of emotions and I'd just rather not. I could just make them for myself because I do really like it, but also, I just can't.