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This makes it feel like the show was meant to end with season 3. Twilight's journey would be the overarching storyline to the show.

But we know they're doing a season 4, and that has me worried. Every time I've seen a show live on after it was intended to end, it gets crap. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Meh. There's more than enough official content at this point that I don't feel like I even need fan content anymore.

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Go listen to Bronyville episode 85. They discuss the current relations with Hasbro there. They even have a guest lawyer who helps with explaining things.

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I know enough to know it's not a big deal. Besides, the worst case scenario is we don't get show folks at cons anymore. Unfortunate, but it's not like it will kill off all the cons or the fandom.

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I'm not too concerned. If it's not over now, than I'm sure it will be soon. Hasbro does this every now and then, and it always blows over.

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Soundwave: "Pinkie Pie superior. Fluttershy inferior."

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Sounds like Hasbro's lock-down on cons may finally be ending.

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This really seems to be a love it or hate it kind of episode. Personally I didn't like it at all, and I'm the kind of person who even liked Mare do Well, but I am glad that lots of you found it enjoyable!

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I find it hard to be upset about Derpy not being in episodes when Hasbro is plastering her all over everything else. If they gave us any more Derpy it would just be throwing pandas at us.

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Rainbow Dash. National hero that's saved the world multiple times. Saved the Wonderbolts, including Spitfire, on several occasions. Only living pony that can pull off a sonic rainboom, something that was thought to be a myth before she did it.

And Spitfire says she doesn't push herself.

The whole episode fell apart for me right there. The whole episode revolves around Dash thinking she has to keep up with Lightning Dust, but really she should have been the leader the whole time. I get that if she was leader there wouldn't have been a story, but there had to have been a way to fix it that didn't involve throwing logic out the window. It probably would have helped if the drill sargent wasn't Spitfire. Make it a new character that has never met Dash, so he didn't know about her previous accomplishments.