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I'd visit!

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Take 2 Steven Pinkers and one Michael Shermer and call me in the morning.

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Sorry, but the idea that the earth is perfect for us is false. WE are perfect for IT. WE have evolved in reaction to it, it was not built for us. WE are not the ends of the evolutionary process, but a mere steppingstone in evolution. As soon as we think of ourselves as blessed by God to be here we take away our responsibilities to the earth. We are a product of it, not the other way around. It was here first, and will continue to be here for billions of years after the human race has disappeared.

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I think it's a fine place to do that, she's a commedian and she will diss people as part of her act. It's not as though anyone takes the 7PM Project seriously anyhow, is it?

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Dawkins: "I saw Jesus, and he's about this tall!"
Sturgess thinking: *Whoopsie! Someone took the brown acid!*

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Dawkins: "Is the bar out there?"
Sturgess: "I wish I could turn THAT water into wine!"