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"squirt gun"

Oh, is that what you are calling that appendage these days....? ROFLOL!

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Bruce Ray Riggs' has a plethora of legal documents that PROVE the XVI Amendment was never properly ratified. I highly suggest you visit his site

nose around, you won't regret the time spent.

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I think every State has laws governing "Citizen Arrests". If that doesn't work, join Ron Branson with the CLGJ.

Or, visit for Bruce Ray Riggs' info on how the illegal XIV Amendment created this mess. Demand it's removal, and we might stand a chance!

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We the People!

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Except that Botox Nancy only signed Hawaii's CON with the 'Constitutionally eligible' language. She refused to add it to the other 49 State CONs. Hawaii requires by law that the language be included on the CON from the D and R parties. Hawaii also requires it on the State CON, but it was removed from theirs. Odumbo had to have a 'special' meeting to request being admitted to Hawaii's ballot. He covered that after Granny died.

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Basically, Mike Lee just became Eric Holder's BFF. Eric *thinks* he only has to uphold the laws that HE agrees with, and now, Mike Lee has in essence said the exact same thing. Here is my e-mail to Mr. Lee (who I believe is no longer fit to be addressed as 'Senator'.)

How DARE you say Barack's eligibility is 'water under the bridge'! I wouldn't care if he won election 20 times, his eligibility would STILL be in question. If he is not eligible, everything he has done, every appointment he has made, is NULL and VOID! His terms are REPUGNANT to Our Revered Constitution, and you have no right to try to make it OK. Who do YOU think you are, trying to change our Constitution with no Amendment process!
GET OUT OF OFFICE! If you think such a fraud and illegal act is just 'water under the bridge', you are a DISGRACE! GET OUT NOW!
You can bet I will be spending my money on your opponent in the next election cycle! You and Harry Reid have made a MOCKERY of America and our Constitution!

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He's a FREAKING attorney. That's all you need to know! There is no longer any Doctrine of Separation of Powers. Attorneys/lawyers are writing the laws, prosecuting the laws, and adjudicating the laws. They control all three branches of government. WAKE UP!
Until the dumbed down masses refuse to elect attorneys/lawyers to federal positions (IMHO, it should be any elected office), there will be no change. All you are doing is rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic (kudos, FWH). Listen to James Madison.

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of TYRANNY.”

Get these slimy vermin OUT of our government! They know no right or wrong, no legal or illegal, no good or evil. All they want is to be a 'privileged class' and control everything and everyone. How's that working out for ya....?
Remember, they are one of the few professions who can be wrong 100% of the time......and still make the BIG BUCKS!

(James Madison, Federalist Paper 47)

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What a pathetic creature you truly are. Vets are the target of Barack's wrath because they epitomize all that is good in this Nation. He *thinks* they are a safe to 'target' for his fury. He can't have his way.....the vets will pay.
You want some better treatment for the our veterans? Then you had best turn some of that misguided, vulgar, and absolutely useless vile nature of yours into doing something constructive against progressives. Americans don't hate or care to punish our veterans, progressive socialists do.
Want my own *theory* on how best to get D.C. full of useful representatives? Elected officials make not one penny more than the men and women standing the lines in a foreign theater of war. As long as our military gets nothing in return for their service, neither do the critters in D.C.!
Be careful who you accuse of crying over just might find yourself embroiled in an argument with people you're no match for in intelligence.

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Thank you, Sir....INDEED! I am so proud of ordinary citizens who are there and making a difference. There is no reason for OUR memorials to be closed, except that Barack doesn't realize who he's messing with!
GOD Bless all of you in D.C. this weekend!

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Rush is such a *burnout*, the guy can barely speak and sound, even remotely, like he has a shred of intelligence. The only reason he gets kept on, is because he follows the game plan. Dollars to donuts says this guy couldn't even read a bill awaiting a vote. I'm sure others do it for him. He is nothing but a waste of space. Try Kirk instead. He's not much better since his horrible stroke, but at least he once had intelligence.........not that he ever did anything appropriate with it.