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The only description I can think of is 'battschitt' crazy! (Yeah, I know it's misspelled. It's my special Nazi spelling to describe right wing fruitcakes).

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Brain fart or no brain fart I love this commentary. Excellent writing!

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Senile old coot! STFU already. He is an embarassment to AZ and the U.S. Just another playboy/flyboy like his buddy Chicken George Bu$h.

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SC must be competing with Alabama for the most inane/insane state in the union.

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In the early part of this video when Cowboy Rick marches out with his chaps on the only thing missing is his unzipped pants and showing his package! What a arrogant SOB.
I'll share this one with others who need a laugh today.

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What the hell does her income have to do with what that bird brain owes? I found "Wanted" poster templates on the internet and did a wanted poster of that tea bagging dead beat dad.... at present it's on Facebook but I think I am going to print it on post cards and start mailing them to him. It's not very good but a little remake will touch it up just right. Anyone and everyone please feel free to join me in this venture.

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Sounds like an idea to me.......with one addition. Once they are settled on this island they will never be allowed back in this country!!

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I do believe that he is getting a less than desirable discharge which is appropriate for someone named "Moran".......Moron!!

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Another of those premature babies weighing in at 8 lbs 3 oz or more??

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The planes are nothing more that high falutin' toys for the fly boys. We have no use for them what-so-ever. This is insanity at it's worst stage. The military expenditures will be the death of this country unless it's stopped.