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The almighty powerful God reveals himself though someone winning a lotto? Just think about that for a minute Andrew, just think how pathetic you made your God sound.

Millions of people people starving and suffering everyday praying Jesus will help them, feed them, yet they all die and God doesn't seem to give a shit but some schmucks mum wins lotto and bingo! Jesus must be real (I know you don't think this but this is he thinking). Really, that's pretty poor.

Self centered view if you ask me.

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Personally I found The Atheist Manifesto ( very good, although it's more a case against religion more then God.

The Portable Atheist was also a good one for me: ( I like the collection of essays style rather then just one persons position.

Reading Godless ( on my kindle, so far it's pretty good.

Of course it wasn't just one of the handful of book that I have read that made me atheist, it's a lot more complicated then just one book = win.

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It deserves mocking because the idea is stupid, simple as that. It's not just a simple little joke, people get harmed by these peoples stupid ideas

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He looks like a smug bastard too.

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John It's funny that as much effort that you put forth to prove that Zeus doesn't exist you show me that He does. He works through you and you are not even aware of it. Draw close to Zeus and He will draw close to you or be far from Zeus and He will be far from you. His laws are written on our hearts and I see that you follow them (the laws) pretty good.

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@Findo I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle. It's not the letters that carry the meaning, the brain does and it's physical everything about it is. Like Andrew just said meaning is added by the brain not the letters themselves.

You of all people should know this being a person of the bible, if the letters carried the meaning themselves why would people disagree with what they say? Nothing more argued over in the world then holy books. If letters/words carried meaning we would have no problems.

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The walking on water one is a bit bullshit, but the rest are pretty cool.

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So what is your point exactly? That religion doesn't poison everything? If Tutus actions could be preformed by someone without faith, why does he need the faith to do it? It seems to be a "if I didn't have faith I would kill people" kind of argument.

I agree, religion doesn't poison "everything" but it does a lot of damage we could do without, damage that is unjustified. But I, Askegg, or anyone else is yet to see a moral action that could be preformed by someone of faith but not someone without faith. So if we can all do the same moral actions, why do we need faith?

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oh Andrew, you seem to be really struggling with this. It's not the fact that you had a dream that deserves ridicule, we know people have dreams, but if you claimed the things you did in the dream where real and really happened and had no supporting evidence then that would be deserving of ridicule .. get the point. Once you claim it is real, then we need some evidence.

Of course I would not need much evidence to support your claim that you did sing at that place, because that it a perfectly achievable goal for you. If I had said it how ever, much more evidence would be needed.

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I would swap the order of a) and b), but I agree with everything else.