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Discord, obviously.

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Yeah, I was considering making a post about the raised tail as well but I don't know if my censors would allow it.

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Is this the new OTP? This better be the new OTP!

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Oh no you don't! I've seen that show! You keep that little white furball at a mile's distance, thank you very much!

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From the sound of it [s]Twi[/s] Tài is a transfer student, which would explain the non-English name. Also Tài Saito sounds close enough to how her name would be in Japanese (Twailaito or somesuch), which could also explain it I guess.

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I give it two days tops before we have a fanfic starring WIkiBear.

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While you may be right on your points Fluttershy still happens to be the local animal expert, and utterly dismissing her advice is almost as foolish of Applejack as putting her farm on the line should Flutters be wrong. The only thing I really think is weird is when the other four decide to join AJ in marching about.

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I'm just hyped to see it! I mean, once it was one of the most glorious fanfictions of all time, and now it returns as a song? How can we not be hyped?

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Hmm... the Twilight and Pinkie ones say their names, yet Rainbow's say something else... does that mean Super Star is Rainbow Dash's new confirmed name?

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So the big question is, when did Dinky go and become Ditzy's daughter? Was it because of the colours? Is that the same thing about this Chirpy as well?