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We probably won't have to wait till season 5 to find out. I'm betting the toy will be out before then

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I was thinking that this was very much like how Q tried to interact with Picard, but Q genuinely didn't get the finer points of interacting with mortals, I get the felling Discord knows for the most part, but ignores the niceties in order to get his end result. Though he does want to be friends, he doesn't realize that ignoring the nicities isn't helping the freindship.

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I like how this episode showed Rareity's element of generosity without shoving it in our faces like Rareity takes Manehatten. She was so generous with her sister, even giving her credit for the party favors. The stunning outfits alone showed how much she gives her sister, that must have taken allot if time and care. Rareity could have just made simple costumes, or just fixed up the ones Sweetie Bell made.

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I think AJ called it the fire swamp when she was surprised that the cart was intact

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I've thought of it as School Pride, or the Get Up song

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They said "sing like that before". They probably haven't heard her go all out.

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Soarin was no bit pony this ep. I see more Soarin/Dash shipping in the future

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I think Bulk Biceps was giving Fluttershy a run for her bits in the adorable category

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I can't belive all the people who replied missed out on a great pun.
She used a hoof pick :)

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Very bare bones story it needs more fleshing out