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Ah, sorry about that! I am as unfamiliar with sewing terms as I am crazy about this embroidered pillow. Thanks!

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Ugh, I wish so much I had an answer for this. I wish I had a way of waving a magic wand and replacing all bad religious experiences with good ones, or with nothing. I'm so sorry to hear about how bruising your experience with Christianity was.

All of the advice above is great, and I don't know that you have to totally let go/get rid of this being a bitter pill, at least at first. Maybe, like for me with my anxiety, what your experiences can do is teach you something for now. If you can sit with your feeling of jealousy or bitterness for five minutes (seriously, put the microwave timer on and when it's done, you're done) and ask God or yourself what this feeling might have to teach you, or for you to hear, rather than trying to squelch it--well, that might help. I hope it does. I hope it's not too weird to say I'll pray for you. Thanks for reading and being so vulnerable with your comment.

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I hadn't heard about the use of "confinement" being troubling, but I can certainly understand that. Thanks for pointing it out--I'll keep that in mind for future reference!

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You guys! This is so fun. I knew some people might relate and others might not, and I'm really sorry for any and all of you who have had bad experiences with religious people being wangs about anxiety and depression and medication. I hope that keeps changing for the better.

Our brother is super funny and every year, on your birthday, he will do a birthday slave dance for you, if you are Mallory or me. Otherwise, you're out of luck.

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Wow your sister sounds really smart and also beautiful, what the French call je ne sais quoi.

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Muah ha ha

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This is all 100 percent accurate, I can vouch for it, and were Mallory not regularly in the habit of cleaning out the fridge one or both parents would be dead of botulism by now.

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I appreciate this a great deal, Dan. At the end of the day, Natalie had to do what she had to do--and I can't presume to know what was on her mind. If the show was causing her enough trouble that staying would have been a bad decision for her, then I'm glad she left. I suppose I just wonder what she expected from the Grammys (they aren't family-friendly entertainment) and, if she had to go, then I wish she wouldn't have publicized her decision to leave.

But thanks for engaging graciously even in disagreement.

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Oh, for sure (still Mallory, still on my sister's laptop, still can't remember my actual login), the subtitle for this series could easily be "Comically Exaggerating Already Idiosyncratic Writing Styles."