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So first off we were the "marauding Brit" ... we were not "afraid" of them. and of course we had guns in order to deal safely with the native population...which in some cases were exceptionally brutal. i've been reading about the Comanche' me'd need more than a gun when those folks came a knockin'. Second you miss the point of "gun as financial tool." now i'm not a gun person...but i sure know those who are...and they own them to make money on them. PERIOD. third: "what about personal responsibility"? Adam Lanza is dead. How? "Killed by his mother's gun." And his mother? Dead. "Killed by her own gun." I understand the rampage "issue"...and believe me i have no problem with an outright ban on assault rifles defined as any rifle capable of firing more than three rounds without reloading. having said that this was a PUBLIC school...and i think the public school was chosen intentionally by our resident "nut job" because "they were expendable." i find this particular case interesting because this was not a poor family, Adam was actually diagnosed with a mental illness and he had been flagged as a security threat. Is there some added layer of protection you wish to add? An armed security guard at the school does come to mind does it not. I mean what was our unarmed School Principal running towards when she heard the shots? Obviously i'm taking your bait...only to provide a counter point. I think making this an issue about something other than the FACTS of the case is GROSSLY premature. I find it odd how little we know about this now "statistical norm" don't you? If I were President I would want the cops on the television 24/7 saying exactly what happened...and what the other folks at public schools need to be on the look out for. Instead we have "wilding with the media time" ... with NO questions answered...and only a sinking feeling of "yet again nothing will be accomplished." frankly i'm sick of all the psycho's on BOTH sides...aren't you?

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command and control economics always has trade-offs. clearly this one's orientation on "jobs" has been "inflation." as in "we have a lot more than is stated." if the Greenspan Fed moved far too late to contain the last bubble...what could these same people say about the current policy? and the answer of course is "nothing." what a total rip-off of the American tax payer. if state and local defaults start rolling in the pressure to "do something" on Capitol Hill will become truly spectacular. I will be watching the dollar for any signs of "those things being supposedly done." that would be a profoundly LOWER dollar. so few things actually make money in this world...

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"shoulda coulda woulda." Germany is the clear winner...and the rest of Europe looks more and more like her satrapy by the day. France of course is the big exception...and she has an awesome amount of diplomatic power on the Continent because the bottom line is Germany has screwed this euro thing up IMMENSELY. Instead of bailing out their own banks while throwing Greece under the bus they should have simply cut the check and "let it go." Instead there now is the worst of all worlds where Greece is more destitute than she could be possibly fathom but without any stake in the existing economic order. "go ahead...stay in the euro." once she returns to the drachma...sure, the inflation and loss of GDP will be staggering...but she will have a powerful friend in Paris. And so it would appear will everyone else unless Berlin can figure out a way to "share the wealth." the irony that the whole system is predicated on RIDDING inequality should be lost on no one.

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well they certainly exist in Europe ironically enough. why is the place that has the biggest problem with deflation is the one that has the highest interest rates? and of course "the answer is easy: the Government is lying about inflation." In Germany's case "our inflation...your problem." the whole thing is backed by Aircraft carrier battle groups, infantry divisions and spy sattelites anyways.

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there is in fact empirically least for now. The big winners have been large agribusinesses and Corporations that pay NOTHING for the "privelege of hiring American workers" and owners of plain old land and NOT the "1%" per that one percent as defined in this article "pay taxes." And soon it would seem...much HIGHER taxes. Some have argued this will cause a recession...but i think it is the inflation that you advocate here that is FAR more dangerous. To whom does that benefit? If you say "no one" then i think you will have hit upon something.

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at this point we are deal with the "simplicity of total incompetence" and hence can some up these complex issues thusly: "can they work out a deal or can't they?" the only reason we have elections in the first place is so that Representatives can come together and compromise on their alleged "beliefs" and agree on something. This "something" happens to be "in the existential interest of the Republic." i will be looking not for resolution but some agreement...and that will be it. If that cannot be achieved then in no way would i want to be long the US dollar...

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are there asset sales going on in the EZ? Or are they just trying to "inflate it all away" too? I certainly don't see any "mass quantities of fine art" suddenly appearing for auction...although apparently more than few chateau's have come up for bidding.