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sacrificial. That or changing dirty diapers. :)

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It is incredibly awesome to see how God is working in you. You make some wonderful points and they are good reminders for me. I love you and am proud of you.

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Poetry is an art form that I don't always comprehend.

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I may be biased but I think this is beautiful. Although I do think God steps in sometimes, just not always the way we would like (I know what you meant though).

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I love you. I'm thankful that you strive to be a man after God's own heart.

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Nah, no trouble here. That's just funny- especially the movie poster part. Although, as a Nick Sparks fan, I have to say that he has some great books and some less than great ones, but more of the former than the latter. And The Notebook shouldn't be included up there, as it is awesome. That is all.

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I'm really enjoying reading your series on this- I think it is an issue that is so muddled in our society, as God's design for the male/female relationship is often misunderstood culturally. I think women often feel that they are lesser in value if they stay at home to raise their children, especially in today's world. What the world may miss is what a wonderful (and extraordinarily difficult) challenge it is, and as you point out, God does a great work in the mother as He develops her more fully into who He would have her to be in that role.

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Wow- what a wonderful post- it puts things in such an amazing perspective.

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I was going to comment that I would get you another pack, but no, I don't think I will. Not after you threw the play-doh at me upon discovery.

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Such an amazing way to express your feelings for them both. Very beautifully written.