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Apparently Lynne Cheney who thinks that the Clintons actually pushed this interview to get out in front of the story.

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You are all wrong. It's the fucking stupid American voters who decided that extramarital sex was the single most important factor in determining who would be the next President (with a little help from the Supreme Court). Bill Clinton may have screwed a lot of women but it was George W. who screwed the rest of us.

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Uh, no. If there hadn't been anything for the Republicans to "get" Clinton, they would have invented something. As we have seen with the Barack Obama "birth certificate" nonsense.

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I swear I could sense my IQ drop a dozen points or so whenever I watch the show now. It actually wasn't too bad in the days of Meredith Viera and Rosie and Joy Behar. But since the Hasselbitch came on board it's basically a place where your brain cells go to die.

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I don't know what's worse about Barbara Walters: that she was a long-time friend of Roy Cohn (and wanted to marry him despite his being homosexual) or that she unleashed this loon on the world.

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Normally I would be simply pissed off about comments like that (because if I responded each time to RW bigotry I would have gone off the deep end long ago). But I have just returned from 5 days in Santa Fe/Albuquerque with large Native American and Mexican population. I don't know how many of the Mexican population is undocumented and frankly, I don't care. What I do know is people were very kind and generous to this Anglo tourist.

I REALLY REALLY want to say what I would like to see happen to that SOB quoted in the article but, given that the internet is forever and I don't want a remark to be available out of context, I will refrain. But it's not longer just about being pissed off. It is now about a deep and abiding hatred for Kreiser and those like him. In times like I this I really hope for a vengeful G-d to inflict the worst upon them.

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Making my way through a couple of cases of their Summer Variety pack. Damn good stuff.

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This. It's a double issue which means it's going to be on the newsstand for two weeks. And Conde Nast will make mucho bucks by selling the print (which ain't cheap). Very smart of them.

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Mr. Navasky is being ingenious. I haven't read his book and his explanations as to why he chose not to run the infamous "Muhammad" cartoons. But he says he likes cartoons "that cause trouble." Except when they might have real world consequences, apparently.

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Cue the zither music.

OK. I posted my reply before I watched the YouTube clip. At least cheetojebus and I are on the same wave length.