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What difference does it make for parking whether your neighbor rents out their basement apartment full-time or short-term? Either way there will be an extra car in the driveway, but if they rent it out full-time it will be there daily. If it's short-term, there won't be people staying there every day of the year, because the market drops drastically outside of the summer months.

And I fail to see how short-term renters make more noise than say if you lived next to an apartment rented out full-term to a group of college students. If you have noise complaints, there are already ways to deal with that - you report it regardless of who makes the noise.

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Let's all take a deep breath here and let the internet hating go. Yes, some of us get defensive when people joke about pole dancing being equal to stripping, because this sport means a ton to us and we want others to understand that. Yes, we are tired of hearing the jokes and wish people would get over it. Still not worth getting into comment board arguments about :-)

I organize the Colorado Pole Championship, and I'm not saying we're beating Cirque in production quality - they have some of the best performers in the world, and a budget unheard of in the aerial world. But as I'm sure you'll all agree with if you show up tomorrow night, we put on a pretty awesome show without needing comparisons to Cirque or strip clubs!

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Agreed. I used to bike down Folsom all the time before the change, but now I use the bike path more often since the new system has made the intersections even sketchier than before for bikers.

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"car hating elitists" - you don't know Germany at all, do you?

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If you read the ordinance the City Council voted on moving forward with, you'd see that one of the restrictions they are putting on short-term rentals is that it can only be done in the homeowner's primary residence, which means situations like the one you share would be avoided.

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I personally have never heard of any of those guys, but could easily name a handful or two of ANW contestants. Mainstream is a matter of point of view.

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"They can't save their death friends, because they are already death..."

If this was true, how did they save Buckbeak, who was already dead before they went back in time?

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TheBerry needs to create it's own category for Daily Motivation (instead of just Inspirational and Beautiful), so I can see this in my RSS feed as soon as it's up!:)

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Let's be honest, some inmate will use one of those "secured" kitchen knifes and take care of Breivik long before his 21 years are up.

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"They also don't let anyone immigrate, they are extremely closed doors compared to the USA."

Having lived in Norway for 22 years, knowing a lot of immigrants there, before moving to the US and going through the whole green card process, I can say that this is completely wrong. Norway allows just about anyone to get a citizenship if they've legally lived in the country for five years, you don't need a visa to visit, and it's considered one of the easiest western countries to immigrate to. The US, not so much.