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I am pretty sure he's said that he doesn't like straight romance for female main characters because he thinks it too often takes over the story and overshadows other plots and relationships.

Now that's something I agree with, but I'm not sure that just getting rid of straight relationships is the right answer to it. xD

(He joked that he tried repeatedly to kill off Tuxedo Mask and make it stick but they wouldn't let him.)

Ha, really? I've only read the manga, but I do remember hearing Tuxedo Mask didn't do much in the anime. That would have Ikuhara all over it!

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Well, this is what happens when you let Kunihiko Ikuhara have full creative control of something.

Don't get me wrong, I think this movie is pretty enjoyable to watch, but it doesn't have nearly as much depth and appeal as the series. Characters besides Utena and Anthy feel rushed and tacked in, and the visual metaphors are out of control by the time the car scene starts.

Also it reiterates even more clearly that Ikuhara does not like straight relationships (Utena/Touga didn't work out because all men/princes will always sacrifice themselves for other women/ princesses) and has an... how should I put this... appreciation bordering on fetishization of lesbians. I believe he's gone on record saying that relationships without men are "purer" and less about control over the other person? Please correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

I AM really happy that Utena/Anthy is 100% canon here and they have a much more equal and consenting relationship. They kiss, they dance, it's pretty awesome.

In the series I love Saionji and hate Touga. In the movie it's reversed and everything about Touga is tragic. Also movie Akio is a joke, which frustrated me a bit because he was such a good villain. But then, the movie is all about Anthy. Utena is literally just her vehicle to freedom.

Adolescence of Utena has beautiful imagery, a wonderful CANON lesbian couple, and some great feminist themes, but not much else. The series has a special place in my heart, but this movie is not part of it.

(Advice from Ikuhara fans: should I gather up my courage and watch Mawaru Penguindrum? I hear it's even darker and denser than Utena and I'm scared to go into it.)

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I just had to be out all day when this review came out, didn't I? Everyone's already said what needed to be said.

Once I stopped sniffling after my first watch-through and really thought about what happened, I found the ending to be incredibly joyous and optimistic. Utena showed her true strength and nobility, leading to the culmination of her character and story. Anthy's world has been revolutionized, and suddenly she has limitless potential.

I still cry during the whole coffin scene, though. "Himemiya, at last, we meet..." Instant waterworks.

Juri's story is about princes, and foreshadows what (possibly?) happened to Utena (dying to save a princess). Here's a really nice analysis about princes, Utena and the ending-- warning for a few vague movie spoilers.

I have no doubt whatsoever that they managed to find each other in the end, and began a true relationship. The Student Council seems well on the way to recovery as well, and I also think they'll be able to follow Anthy's example.

I have only watched the movie once and it pretty much scrambled my brain. Going into this with a bit of trepidation.

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Aaaand a little something silly to lighten the mood. Enjoy! :D [contains scenes from the movie]

[youtube V7JlqSJKGuA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7JlqSJKGuA youtube]

I've never embedded a video before, so if this doesn't work, here's the link.

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This episode is beautiful and amazing and staggering and heartbreaking. First-time watchers, I feel your pain.

Having been trapped in a miserable cycle before (depression/anxiety is difficult to escape even at the best of times) I can understand where Anthy is coming from. She's terrified. She doesn't want to leave Akio and move forward, even if it means she'll just suffer more, because her life with him is all she knows. Utena is all about breaking cycles and systems and manipulations, but this time, it just might not work. We'll see.

I'm so happy to see the Student Council rallying behind Utena. I love them all right now.

(Mark, in the video: "Are they gonna become Power Rangers?" Someone draw fanart of that.)

Tomorrow is the end.

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When I first watched this show a couple years ago, this was the episode a friend walked in on me watching. It had just gotten to the point where Akio was taking Anthy for a ride in his car, and she was being, um... vocal. I tried to explain to him, "No, it's not what you think! She's just being stabbed by swords!" and he went, "Riiiight," and walked away.

Sooo yeah, we have gotten to the point where nothing makes sense without context. And even then it doesn't make sense unless you think about it a lot. And even then...

The badminton scene is one of my favorites in the whole show. It's Utena, Juri, Miki and Nanami being friends! They're talking about their issues! They're joking about their issues! And the fact that Nanami has given up the Student Council means she's well on her way to healing herself. Touga and Saionji have a scene together where they're reliving their childhood, so does that mean their friendship is healing as well?

I only really got the poison scene in this last watch. Even though they've poisoned each other's food, they'll still enjoy it = they're still friends even after all the damage they've done to each other. As always, Anthy is terrifying when she talks about poison in her soft sweet voice.

As for Anthy's suicide attempt, V ernyyl qb guvax fur jnf gelvat gb uryc Hgran urer. Fur cebonoyl sryg yvxr fur unq ab pubvpr ohg gb fgno Hgran va gur arkg rcvfbqr, naq fur jbhyq zhpu cersre gung Hgran whfg yrnir jvgu gurve sevraqfuvc oebxra.

In the end, Utena finally decides to reclaim her ring and continue onward. Juvpu zbfg yvxryl jnf abg jung Nagul jnagrq, orpnhfr jubrire jba, fur'q fgvyy or fghpx jvgu n cevapr.

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Today's fanart, Student Council Edition! (possible spoilers in links yadda yadda):

Source unavailable, artist has deleted their account.






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Revolutionary Girl Utena: The show that gleefully pokes fun at its own overused metaphors. Oh, I love it so.

I'll probably never like Touga, but I'm not going to hate him either. My hate is reserved exclusively for Akio. :D But you can see him making baby steps towards trying to be a better person, seeing others as people rather than pawns. He's going about it in a very bad way, but he's trying. Like the rest of the Student Council, he's trying to move forward. And I can appreciate that.

Meanwhile, poor Utena is stuck in an existential crisis. Who is she? A prince? Akio's princess? A girl? Just what is she fighting for? And obviously, seeing Akio and Anthy at the end of the episode isn't going to help. (Anthy's dead stare is the most horrifying thing, btw.)

Her scene with Touga once again demonstrates her compassion and sympathy, which confirms she hasn't lost her noble qualities due to Akio's influence after all. Now the question is whether they're going to be able to take the strain she's under.

Did anyone else notice the emphasis placed on Saionji drawing Touga's sword? None of the other duelists had that. Yep, they've totally got a thing.

This is one of my favorite duels and duel songs! They're really pulling out all the stops as we get closer to the end.

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It's telling that Dios believes Utena won't be able to be a prince when she becomes a woman. He still completely buys into the system that destroyed him, the belief that all women must be either princesses or witches.