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Hi everyone! I'm mostly posting this particular comment to see if it works.

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This is an awkward translation of a Russian song (itself based on a poem by Rabindranath Tagore), but:

Was it the wind that carried away my old name?
There's no path back to the homeland I've left.
If you try to make me out in the distance,
You won't be able to - farewell, my friend.

I'm sailing away and time is carrying me
from shore to shore, from shallows to shallows,
farewell, my friend.
I know that someday, from the far shore of the distant past,
the nighttime spring wind will bring you a sigh from me.

Look around, look around; isn't there something left after me?

Ugh now I'm crying again, haha. (Here is the Russian song for those interested:

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wow I didn't know a Ron Swanson gif could make me cry like that

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Even though Nicole was VERY clear about this, I still woke up today hoping for a big "PSYCH we were just kidding losers, we're staying"

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Sending so much love to everyone who's had hard things happen in these last three years. I feel so lucky to have been here, part of a community that helps bring people peace and healing. <3

As for me, the Toast got me through a job that I hated, but which required a lot of emotional labor to the tune of pretending to love it (even when I was quitting my boss made me say it wasn't because I didn't like it!); the first two years of the hot self esteem eroding morass of grad school; and the general disjointed, lonely feeling of being in a new city where it's taking a long time to make new friends and you start to wonder if maybe it's you and you're just not likeable. The Toast always made me feel likeable and valued and like I belonged and the things I felt were all okay.

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I cried reading the piece and then cried again reading Hillary's bio.

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Oh, Toasts. I will miss this. Thank you for everything and everyone you've brought into my life. <3

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*i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me, pupper, pupper-azi*

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Cool, thank you! We are going to Europe for a friend's wedding in Geneva, heard Geneva was kind of boring and expensive, and kind of picked Barcelona to spend a week in on a whim/because we've both wanted to see Spain. Sounds like we will have plenty to do!

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Same, in the Bay area. My spouse and I have no plans to buy a house here, and I guess a nice side effect of that is that we are able to have a travel fund instead, are actually going to Barcelona later this summer (did you have fun? was there non-clubbing stuff to do?), can go back to the East Coast to see our families frequently, etc. I think there's a difference between "the housing market is bananas, so I opted out and do other things with my money instead" and writing florid descriptions of expensive drinks and how "euphoric" you were after an exorbitant week of boozing, eating, and clubbing through Europe.