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"Does this attitude make my 'but' look big?"

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Today I am feeling astonishingly vindicated that the financial plan I fought to put in place for my journal has born amazing fruit this fiscal year, and for the first time in more than a decade I'm not bracing myself for some clueless administrator to decide to axe us. Knock wood, as long as some cheeto-skinned pol doesn't drive the economy into the abyss, we should have our deficit paid off in about 3 years, our editorial board has been immeasurably strengthened, and all the damned nay-sayers who have no clue about what's going on in academic publishing can go soak their heads.

So, my dears, in the midst of all the horrors of this week, what has made you feel like your life is worth it?

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A) Thank you for creating this space.
B) Thank you thank you thank you for a little KKKG to brighten up am overwhelmingly gruesome week!

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I will soon be drinking my morning coffee out of a Too Witches travel mug and keeping my journal for at least a year in a Too Witches notebook! Thanks for making that possible! (I am, sadly, just too overwhelmed with totes already to have gotten one of the Toast totes ...)

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Mallory, for all the sadness about the end of the Toast, I am hanging on in faith that you will now be free to produce scads more insight and snark and remaking the history of art and invention in new contexts and I can't wait to see it all.

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Wharton has an undergrad program, which is what Donald Trump graduated from.

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I can recite it in German! (Thank you, The Annotated Alice!)

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Unfortunately, my worst at-home hair dye entailed a) not getting all done in one night; b) having to drive from LA to Berkeley to attend a conference, with the plan to actually finish the dye job that evening in the hotel; c) getting a flat on the 5 en route, thus not getting to the conference hotel until well after dinner time; d) discovering that the replacement hair dye I had brought with me was missing one of the two bottles of stuff you needed to make it work; e) the friend who offered to go get me another box of hair dye while I ordered in dinner having to drive to 5 different drug stores to actually find the hair dye I needed (evidently everyone in Berkeley was dying their hair blond that evening); f) sitting up past midnight in the hotel room bathroom by myself while my roommates slept--or snored, as the case was--while I waited for the bleach to take; g) realizing that my dark hair wasn't going to get any more "lemon-yellow" than Bozo the Clown orange; h) sitting even longer in the bathroom while I tried applying the ash-blond color anyway to tone down said Bozo orange; i) attending the conference as Bozo the Clown Goes Folklorist! and trying to come up with a non-snarky response to "Oh my god! What happened to your hair?"

Second worst at-home hair dye job? Doing the exact same damned thing seven years later, only this time I was going to a Celtic Studies conference at Harvard rather than a folklore conference at Berkeley, and I was staying with my cousin instead of in a hotel. And this time, sadder but wiser, instead of trying to go through with the blond, I just dyed it back to dark brown as soon as I got to Boston.

Seriously, dying my hair purple is the most mainstream, least disastrous of my various Adventures in Hair Dye.

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As for a subject line, I'd say something like "Follow-up on working at poll site #53, June 23, 2016" or however it's identified.

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I think this problem may be a function of this being an English language site, but I wish you had spoken up sooner because i, for one, hunger to hear examples of how things are done differently elsewhere, whether better or worse.