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People make a huge deal out of nothing. I'm not bringing toys or anything like that to my job, because I don't have personal table but I can wear virtually anything, I have a pony metallized ringtone and people don't point it out or anything. Working in a group of people under 40 raised with internet certainly has it's advantage.

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Just when I thought that my speakers were cool.

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Wasn't there already a game Questria in development ... http://www.questriagame.com/ *cough* it would be nice if they atleast googled the name beforehand if someone is not using it.

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I don't plan on watching it. I may watch it at one point, but I don't plan it.

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I just love Pinkie Pie's "I have no idea" (in future Twi ep) the way how she said it, awesome ... and also appliable in real life

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I would certainly watch it, but I doubt I would ever find out about it without all the talk on the internet.

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How could you talk about continuity and not mention THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!! ... atleast it was in the episode if not on the roundup

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Please let it be another Cadance season ending, plase, and maybe Crystal Ponies again? Pwetty please?
Oh well let us survive what must be done.

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Though I could have done a little bit more during the event I'm thankful for this event and hopefuly we got one again ... though not any time soon please :D

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We have a saying here loosely translated as hasty work is useless. Not to mention how could one learn something rushing to a deadline. I preffer doing things at my own pace and I know people who take even more time drawing something than I do. And if you want to impress on a wall of pictures you have to do your best ... with that time, only PROs will impress enough to get some attention from this, which is also demotivating. I've seen better formats than 24h rush and I'm probably sticking to them, though it's a shame because this have so much potential going to waste.