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Oh my... Is it really that time already!?

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Beautiful. It's great to hear Aviators do something so mellow. It's perfect for the soft puffy snow falling outside.

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Finally. A bit of everything here. I've got time!

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Yay! So much music!

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Maybe a sort of ghosty or ghoulie for the mane six to bear witness. Zecora could come in real handy then.

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Huh. For once, I've stayed up long enough to see the end of the comments. Cool.

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Has a sort of Weird Al sounding vocals with a head banging rock instrumental.
I like it!

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I'm just going to climb aboard your comment thread to say something real quick.


We need somepony to go through with this.
Jerry Springer is very persistent and will go through with this regardless if he gets a real brony or not. If not, then I fear he will "create" one himself. So what we need right now is somepony with a level head, good talking skills, has a good take on the fandom, and knows enough to defend him/herself if things go wrong. We NEED somepony to make the sacrifice.

There are plenty of candidates for this, but most of them are too afraid to step up to the plate. Just think of the episode "Boast Busters". Twilight was the only one to prove that Trixie is a fake and yet she did nothing. We need to learn from this.

TLDR; We need someone to represent us or Jerry can make things a LOT worse than it needs to be. Boast Busters is a prime example of our problem.

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Well, I am all for sacrifice if somepony who's level-headed and a good talker goes through with it. Otherwise, an idiot or a clopper (or both) will make us look bad anyways.

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Just think though, if we don't get SOMEPONY with a good enough mind and talking skills, some idiot clopper is going to volunteer instead!

EDIT: We can at least lessen the blow when it strikes. If someone is about to shoot you in the stomach, would you rather just ignore it and bandage it up later, or use a bullet proof vest?

NOTE: Being shot with a bullet proof vest on can still leave you with serious injury.