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he is now taking out a private prosicution on all involved..(they loose their costumes as the legal fiction they operate under) and are personally lible as it was unlawful arrest,kidnap etc.
as these "officials" were in public office, private prosicutions dont cost you anything, other than your expenses and time.
"officials" that operate outside their positions become personally liable,

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"Most statute law is derived from common law "
that is simply untrue !
governments dont make laws, common law is the law of the land, there is NOTHING it doesnt cover.
acts/statutes are not laws thay are rules of a Society, and need you consent!
obviously you havent read the article properly.
double yello lines etc and all man made rules, murder, theft, dishonouring a contract, arnt man made rules, they are law of the land ! you dont need telling common law.
speeding for instance is NOT a crime, its a man made rule.
and you are a member of what Society?
did you consent? if not did you give another human being authority to tell you what to do ?
here is further details, if you choose not to look or read it, then you will still think acts/statutes are law, and law is man made.

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For further info...
"The Houses of Parliament" in London, England.
Let's have a little quiz:
1. Who meets there?
2. What do they do there?
3. Do they help you in any way?
If your answers were:
1. "Members of the government"
2. "They represent all the people living in the country" and
3. "Yes, they create laws to protect me and my family"

Then let me congratulate you on getting every one of the answers wrong.

Didn't do too well on that quiz? OK, let's have another go:
4. When was slavery abolished?
5. Was slavery legal?
6. Are you in debt to a financial institution?

Here are the answers: