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I think I machine washed and hung it to dry. Unfortunately, nothing got the glue trap glue out! :-( . . . . I just remembered--it was the dress I wore for my first WIWS post. Oh, memories.

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I had the Chaps dress you linked to, in a different pattern, several years ago. They seem to carry it continuously, just changing up the patterns. . . . Mine died a very humiliating death when it fell onto a glue trap on the basement floor. :-P

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Yay! So glad this worked so well for you and you are feeling better! You look great!

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I've wondered about the raw meat juice thing at both of the Norwex parties I've gone to!

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We had one of those incidents similar to your #5, when Girl 1 was about 3, she screamed --I mean *screamed!*-- out of the blue during mass (we were in the vestibule, but still . . . ). We just stood there, stunned, for a moment, then she screamed again. Then, as Pat carried her out through the crowd, she yelled, "Do I still get a doughnut??" I wanted to loudly announce, "No folks, she does not get a doughnut." ;-) . . . Now I feel like I've already shared this story in your combox. ;-)
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precious! happy birthday MC and Elizabeth! 3 is a great age.
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My family always got a tree Christmas Eve or maybe 1-3 days before. There was a bit of a thrill to it--"will we find a tree this year or will everyone be sold out??" (We always found one.) And we kept our tree up all 12 days and tsk tsk'd ppl who threw their tree out Christmas evening.. . . But my parents in their enthusiasm sometimes conveyed an attitude of , "Oh, the world is so evil for celebrating Christmas the wrong way." And I think that was misguided. . . . This year we'll put up our tree soon after Thanksgiving, b/c I want to be all ready for Christmas bf the baby comes, which will be 1-2 weeks before Christmas. . . . When I was expecting Girl 2, she was due in mid-January. I wanted to have all the decorations put away before she came, so I took the tree down *before* Epiphany. I felt all rebellious and badass. ;-)

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It looked great yesterday! And I'm *swooning* over that mid-century dresser!!
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Good to hear from you! . . . We finally found tenants for our old house, and they have a dog. Everyone seems to have a dog. We're charging and extra $50/ month and hoping for the best. . . . And good luck w/ the mice! We have bats in our attic, and also a slightly leaky roof. So we're at this weird stage in life where the pressing questions is--what do we deal with first, bats or leaks? ;-P

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It looks great! So much improvement already! . .. Likely you've thought of this already but check whether the bulbs you plant are deer resistant. I hear they love tulips, but I"ve had good luck with daffodils. The deer don't eat those much (and we have LOTS of deer, even in town).
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