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I'm delighted to hear that working conditions are so much safer now, it's as I thought. I also agree with your last statement too, the sale of sex is never simply going to disappear. Thanks for your comment. :)

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And what, exactly, is Lord Morrow's proposal going to do to help those minors ? Nothing.
Well, unless you count placing them further away from the hands of those who can help them.

In many cases where there has been abuse, or under age workers suspected, it is the clients who report it, or sex workers. It is therefore vital to keep the channels of communication open between the clients and the authorities, so that clients know they can report any such horrific discoveries without effectively admitting to a crime themselves. If Lord Morrow's proposal goes through, anyone who buys sex is a criminal.

Instead, shouldn't we as a society say that sex will always sell, so let's look at the best way to manage that, having particular regard to those who are most vulnerable. Until recently in Scotland, the Edinburgh saunas enjoyed an excellent relationship with local police. The police would drop in periodically to make sure everyone there was working of their own accord, of age and not under any form of duress - as it should be.

What we see now with the continued closures of the saunas is the move of sex workers into private flats or back onto the streets, making it virtually impossible for the police to monitor the health and well being of the sex workers. It's a loss for the police and a huge loss for sex workers.

The debate is again in danger of being derailed here with references to the New Zealand model, because the New Zealand model is far from perfect and doesn't represent total decriminalisation. There are flaws also when it comes to the rights of migrant workers there. I have never called for the New Zealand model to be implemented in NI, nor have I called for the German, Netherlands or Outer Mongolian either. What I have called for is the abandonment of the Swedish model and a move towards decriminalisation in the future.

Finally, no right thinking person would ever support the entering into the sex industry of anyone under age. To my mind there is no such thing as under age sex workers, let's call them what they are, child victims of rape. I don't believe the sentences were anywhere near tough enough either, and it is my vision that in a decriminalised State we would work closely with the police and hammer down hard on those who abuse the vulnerable and without a doubt, the under age.

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I'm sure Mr. Wells will be thrilled to know I have the full breakdown of statistics now and will be writing a letter to the Telegraph myself, because ambiguity helps no-one.

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Hugh, let's clear a few things up. I pay to advertise on a number of websites, it's a business expense which I claim back from the tax man. In any other industry I can think of, business owners pay to advertise.

Would you like to talk about supporting criminal enterprise ? Okay, let's go there. The same nuns that were behind the Magdalene Laundries scandals are now behind Ruhama and closely connected to Turn off the Red Light. They receive masses of money from the government, the CEO's are on 100k salaries plus expenses, and these are the nuns who made vulnerable women suffer for generations and brought shame to our country. Now THAT'S supporting criminal enterprise. The good sisters have land worth billions of pounds, and yet won't pay out to the victims of the laundries.

As for your comment on a new pair of 150 euro shoes, grow up. If you'd bothered to read my blog at all you would know I am over 30k in debt because I stood up to my former employers for four years through the courts and lost, leaving me liable to pay costs for the other side. The only shoes bought in this house are my daughter's school shoes, actually.

If you really think that I would ever support the trafficking and suffering of any woman then you really don't know me at all, and to be honest, you're coming over as a blinkered, vindictive individual. I am fighting this law as hard as I can precisely so those who are most in danger can get the help they need.

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Thank you Fionola, I really do appreciate your support. I have had an acknowledgement of my complaint this morning, so let's see where that goes. Onwards and upwards. :)