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301 weeks ago @ Wonkette - 'Muslim-Free' Gun Rang... · 0 replies · +6 points

These sacred-cowboys (and sacred-cowgirls) simply can't let Indians in. Aren't they supposed to shoot at each other, in the natural world?

314 weeks ago @ Wonkette - In Florida Election, T... · 2 replies · +12 points

There's a reason for that tie. It's the northern part of the state, pretty much. As well as other imbeciles scattered around the state.

314 weeks ago @ Wonkette - In Florida Election, T... · 0 replies · +20 points

In that case, somebody needed to turn off all the lights in the room, too.

314 weeks ago @ Wonkette - In Florida Election, T... · 2 replies · +57 points

Rick Scott's fear of fans confirms my theory that he's actually a giant lizard person. So does his weird, scaly skin. And the way he licks his own eyeballs.

317 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Republicans: We Are Hu... · 0 replies · +13 points

This is confusing. For the past thirty years, we've heard Republicans sneer at recycling, energy-efficient cars, non-whites, teachers, fancy cooking... pretty much everything in that ad except for charitable giving, which they do just to get tax breaks. Now they're loving all this stuff? Why? Are they hoping to fool some normal people who consider themselves to be too good to support a particular political party into voting Republican this year? If the GOP isn't the party of the fantastically rich and the fantastically armed-to-the-teeth paranoids, who the hell are they?

Funny that ad didn't go into religion. It would have said, "Republicans are Christian... um... yeah, that's about it."

317 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Why Is Gabby Giffords ... · 0 replies · +7 points

I'm going to start printing out Politico articles so I can use them for toilet paper.

321 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Jon Stewart Warns ISIS... · 2 replies · +14 points

I'd be more impressed by them if they named themselves Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

321 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Hello Kitty Is Not A C... · 0 replies · +37 points

Cat Stevens is not a cat, either. He's a Yusuf Islam.

322 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Police Officer Learns ... · 2 replies · +70 points

I've been looking for the NRA's statement on how the people of Ferguson should start arming themselves in case the cops don't do their jobs right, but I can't find it. My Google must be broken, or something. Can anyone help me with this?

322 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Police Officer Learns ... · 0 replies · +37 points

My brother's ex-wife lives in a rural neighborhood where people shoot guns in their yards all the time. Maybe not at police officers, but definitely at trees, beer cans and cats. No one seems to get arrested for it, though, and I'm not sure why. It could be because everyone's white and thus a law-abiding gun owner, or it could be because no one can make a clear distinction between guns going off and the local meth labs exploding.