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The Haneys and other oil people, also all those rich wives making donations . . . that's a lot of pin money.

I'm in CO and it will continue to be a rallying cry. The GOP head has gone into hiding. Yesterday's protest wasn't well organized, but I think they wanted to hold it before the latest big storm hit, was switched from GOP headquarters to state capitol too.

I couldn't attend because I'm self-employed, had a catering event yesterday evening. I know many people who wanted to go and couldn't because of the timing/location. Even though the protest was small there was publicity and the optics will resonate.

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#3 made me laugh out loud! She sure doesn't look well and neither does Slick Willy. He should be worried about winding up on the Clinton body count list if Hillary starts seeing him as a liability or thinks he may be more useful to garner 'sympathy votes'.

I think Hillary has both carrot and stick to keep those superdelegates on her side.

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Absolutely. The state.GOP insiders who screwed voters out of their votes are getting him a lot of bad PR though, hopefully he'll be out of it by 4/26 when his donors begin to stop pouring money down the rat hole. And his super pacs are going to have their own problems very soon since they've been paying media outlets to promote him (Limbaugh and Levin, for instance). There's 'follow the money' crowdsourcing going on right now over at the conservative treehouse.

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Not necessarily. Remember Cantor. Only thing that shut down the amnesty bill was Cantor losing to primary challenger David Brat. Scared the whipped reps into rescinding their promised support. Now Paul Ryan has a primary challenger ,, and Trump won in Ryan's hometown. And if Trump isn't the nominee, Trump supporters won't stay home, they'll vote against every establishment candidate down ballot.

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One born every minute -- at least in Barnum's time. Seem to be born more frequently nowadays.

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Well then -- 'step right up, ladies and gentlemen -- this way to see the egress'!

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Maybe he's received contributions from the Iran Lobby too --

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53-foot trailer is 3816 cubic feet. Average human is 2.5 cubic feet. No recorded data on cubic footage of average RINO though.

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There's been a big push here in CO, noticed a couple of years ago that highway work was being done, but not to fix or improve roadways. Instead, barriers are being erected in the ditches between north and south highway lanes. Figured it was to make it easier to restrict and control civilian traffic when it all blows up. Also, we've had to suffer thousands of road blocks, supposedly 'drunk driving checkpoints'. Obviously they're attempting conditioning.