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wow, what a statement!. As one of thousands workers who is actually working in this industry and specifically FOR this project, I am really curious how is she gonna do that..

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Your last note is totally on point Tunku!

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Why is nobody checking him?

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They miscast the main lead and Russell Crowe’s character shouldn't be exist at all..

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sorry to say but during his reign at Negeri Sembilan, there is nothing much happening at Negeri Sembilan. When Tok Mat take over, Negeri Sembilan drastically change into a better city.

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Thankiu Abang abang BOMBA. Could never pay your sacrifices forever.

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to balance the power is definitely crucial in our country at this moment. Ironically, newspaper these days is controlled by some particular agencies while social media is not a very good medium of information especially regarding to Malaysian politics.

So, our vote soon will be based on??

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u should banned and fined those smokers who smoke in the public area including schools and university. Do you know how many school and university staff smoking dimana sahaja sesuka hati ??

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Are you kidding?
Of course, the college can't control the students out of the school. It was you who need to watch yourself out and beware where ever you are. Don't put responsibilities on other people by your action.

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Putting your daughter in the hands of marriage where as their knowledge about marriage is just too little. In the age of 13, they should be playing with friends, making memories, allowed them self to grow, educated themself... then these kind of parents burdened them into the hand of man who ruin their life and dreams?