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Good job on What's Up. I honestly didn't like the original, but with Kimberly Nichole on the Voice knocking it out of the park and now this cover have changed my mind. This song rocks. :3

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Bit late to this party, but how the heck does one not love Adventure Time? MLP and Adventure Time best cartoons EVAR!!!!!!!

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As a female artist who grew up absolutely obsessed with Sailor Moon, I've watched my share of anime over the last couple decades... Certain stories call me back for a rewatch, so I'll list the timeless ones (to me), Obviously SM, But also Utena, Rayearth, Battle Athletes (some of my absolute favs, BA Victory is the best dub ever produced. Gotta love the folks at Pioneer.) Oh my Goddess, Samurai Champloo, and one of the other best dubs ever made, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Fruits Basket and Kare Kano (his and her circumstances) were also some of the best romantic series ever produced.

Nowadays it seems everything is loli...magical girls are a bishoujo thing not shoujo anymore...hard to find anything good to watch wading in a sea of toddlers dressed inappropriately or fight filler that lasts 15 years.

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Maybe someone needs to put a NSFW tag on this one, because censors won't stop you from getting in trouble you know..She might be covered in body art, but she is still involved in porno, and it shows. This isn't artistic, this is doodling on a person. This paints could be edible for crying out loud, they probably are. Mmmm herpies. Once upon a time I came here to see ponies, not porn.

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6 and 23.... I am officially calling this ship Butter.

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Twisty and perhaps Patti Labelle are the best things about this season so far.

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I remember when I was 5, getting the pony boutique....pony brushes hurt worse than legos to step on. Also, little girls are a thing. If you have sex you have a 50/50 chance of producing one.

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Kingdom of Harmony, Castle of Friendship.... mix and match, essentially that's what we will get.

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I personally like the Brony side of the fandom, and have been a supporter. The fact is that there are women (and men) struggling to be heard in the 'herd' and online that don't know how to do do it any other way than the way they see others do it, with hate. tbh there's no way to escape the b-tards on the internet. There's gonna be a few that say 'eff it' and decide to create as much hate as they can because it gets them where they want to be. But that kind of inner rage will eventually hurt them when they realize they don't know how to communicate in any other way. They might be ugly, but they are speaking the truth of what they feel, and it's sad. It's a long road for those people to learn to trust and not lean on negativity for strength. The show itself has great moral values to teach us how to deal with this, and it's a shame that that message isn't being perpetuated more often. I still hold out hope. Maybe they will kindle a flame in the next season. One can only hope. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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The e-mails were entirely too long to read. As a girl looking at this fandom I'm a bit exhausted by all these comments. So because I'm a girl who watches MLP I'm now a feminist? Because there are women who take offense to some of the perversions of something that was originally a precious moment in their lives; are reacting unbecomingly and their hate creates more hate? Suddenly women don't have a reason to complain? Meanwhile there are women being dug up in shallow graves and man-hunts for women abducted from school? This bs needs to stop. If you're in it for the ponies, think about the fluttershys being abducted from campuses and watch your herd for the ones that are 'off.' People need to hold each other accountable, both genders, all races, and keep their eyes open for wolves in sheeps clothing and protect the 'herd.' All I see is Discord everywhere. Learn the lesson here and move on wiser people. I'll get down from my soapbox. I don't really care if I'm labeled as a feminist. I just want to see some harmony in this fandom and unity against hate, no matter where it comes from. Peace. and Fun