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Second/third cuts:

Minette Dress (now $69.95)
Cowl Sweater Dress (now $29.95)
Fara Surplice Dress (now $49.95)
Appenine Sweater (now $79.95)
Overland Sweater Coat (now $49.95)
Pilcro Superscript Flares (now $49.95)
Pilcro Stet Cropped Flares (now $49.95)
Pilcro Folios (now $49.95)

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Were you trying for an online purchase or in-store? If it was in-store, it is true that you can no longer do PA's over the phone (but you can do them in person). It's because of the new pin-pads (required by federal law, I've been told) which need the card to be physically swiped; they can't just type in your card number anymore.

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It is ludicrous that neither CS nor stores can do a company-wide search anymore. I used to have such good luck tracking down long-lost items (often at ridiculously low prices). You also used to be able to use the online search function to search for items that were sold out in your size (as long as the item was still available in another size; it has never been possible to search for items that were fully sold out online, which, again: ludicrous). The company-wide search functions and generous charge-send policy were things that made Anthro special. It seems they are cutting back on the opportunities for customers to buy product which, given the latest sales report, might not be such a good idea...

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Good point! Math is not my strong suit, but I see what you mean. ;-)

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I believe it's been 25% off for a while, right? 25 + 15 = 40.

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I like the title of the promo email Anthro sent this morning..."Sale just got 40% better!" Nice try, Anthro--I'm pretty sure it only got 15% better. :)

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Is anyone having a problem with their registry not working? Personally, I hate the registry for a myriad reasons (can't open full product pages, pictures are too big, categories are weird and counterintuitive, less functional even than the exceedingly-unfunctional wishlist) but now it is not pulling up my items at all. Really annoying.

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I agree that it is quite bodycon. The material has some give, but it is close-fitting. It was problematic on me because there was too much room in the shoulders and there was even a bulge of extra fabric in the back behind my neck (a common problem for me) but it clung very unforgivingly to my middle. If you have any belly fat at all, you would need to size up or wear spanx. I couldn't try a size up in my case since my store was out of stock.

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It means they will do a mobile order for you without having you come in (which means free shipping, but if they are sold out online, you're out of luck).

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It can indeed take longer over the holiday, especially because banks were closed 12/25.