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Wow you guys, samesies! I deliberately wear contacts to haircuts, because I'm fortunate enough to have that option, but I'll still move my head too much when the hairdresser talks, so I can keep their mouth in sight.

As for the long-to-short thing, it's best if you go in and say very confidently that you want to donate your hair. Then they'll do the ponytail thing, ask once if you're sure, and then snip. They feel guilty for trying to make you feel guilty for cutting off all that long, beautiful hair, or whatever, so they stop harassing you about it.

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My parents had me young, so we kind of all grew up together, in a way. So, of course, pretty much all of the music I grew up listening to and singing loudly were totes inappropes for a child, but fine for the twenty-somethings my parents were. Not that it really mattered, though, because I was reading books that were way too grown up for me at an early age, anyway.

Sort of related, I used to work closely with a dance company with lots of home-schooled children (girls, mostly). They weren't allowed to watch movies that were PG-13 (even when they were 16), but they danced to stuff like "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga (even when they were 6). -_-

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Whoops, my bad. You're absolutely right. Good thing there weren't any aliens in Pursuit of Happyness, or who knows what movie I would've said.

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I'm not good at making up aphorisms, so I'll just vote for the very first one, safer than a stick of celery, etc.

I just wanted to ask if everyone read Joel's voice as that scientist-the-alien-uses-as-a-voice in MIB? He's got cookie tentacles wrapped around his throat, which lets the cookies speak through him somehow.

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I feel like I should update this to mention that I married a mechanic, BUT:
- My car needs an EGR valve (which we've known about for 3 months);
- My AC hasn't worked in three years (even though we know how to fix it, and we live on the Gulf Coast in Texas); and
- About five years ago, my car was flooded, which ruined the jute, though the carpet was salvaged. I'm still driving around with the carpet and all the plastic pieces that make the interior of your car look like not-a-spaceship-cargo-hold in my trunk, and no jute, so no carpet in my car.

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I married a mechanic, whatup!

It's actually weird how effective the barter system is, as long as you have dumb stuff like mortgage or whatever worked out. We've gotten vehicles in trade for mechanicy-type service, as well as other random stuff. And I have a few friends that are massage therapists, and they trade for all kinds of amazing things, like dental work and fresh produce from the farmers market. It may just be our area, but I never realized how much you could get by through barter instead of always having to rely on cold hard cash.

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I always took Bluebell for granted (best vanilla ever!), until I spent a few months in Washington. No. Bluebell. Anywhere. They'd never even heard of it. Horrible!

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I was reading down to the end of the comments, dismayed at being the only one! Shortbread with milk is the best thing ever invented, hands down!

I hate chocolate, so my husband gets his own thin mints and I get my own shortbread. His have this weird mystical ability to stay in our house for longer than two days; I'm not sure how that works.

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I encounter a lot of this, walking down the hallway at work:
Other Being: "Hi, how are you?"
This Being: "Hello." *Polite nod*
Other Being: "Good, that's great!"