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I love this. I focus on my age a lot. I'm only 27. And I have my entire life ahead of me.

I think, for me, I sometimes feel like I am WAY behind. The majority of my friends are trying to have kids or already have kids. While we may be fostering soon, I'm just not ready to have my own kids. If that makes any sense. And I kind of feel bad about it. Like there is something wrong with me. And I know that's just not the case.

How amazing it is that an 87-year-old is in college. That takes guts and shows real commitment. What a great reminder that we are never too old to reach our dreams!

I also think I worry about failing. Like... what if I leave this profession that is secure? What if I decide to really give it a go with blogging, writing, etc.? What if it doesn't work out. But then I hear the voice that says... what if it does work out? I think it's time I start listening to that voice.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you! It does feel pretty good to lose 2 pounds. Amazing really. Must keep it up!

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thanks, jordan! yeah we feel incredibly blessed to get this house and be able to have nothing but a christmas tree farm behind it!

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Thank you, Jyndia! I really appreciate it. So glad to have a new follower, and your comment helps me a lot so thank you!

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Thank you, Ashley! Motivation is hard. For me, personally, I think sometimes I just have to start doing it and thinking about how to stay motivated later.

I hope you get back after it soon!

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The new CD is awesome. Honestly one of my favorites. I think it truly shows her range as an artist.

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Thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

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Thank you, Brittany. I so appreciate your words. It means so much to me when people take the time to comment and love knowing my words spoke to someone.

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I love hearing stories about other people starting to run through the C25k program. It makes me realize that it is something I really can do. If so many other people can, then why not me? I'm looking forward to running and becoming a runner and then seeing how it changes me. Thank you so much for sharing!